Nobody Compares

This is a ff for my friend that I'm still doing, I just thought I'd share it here, it's about a Niall && Liam Love Storyy, Enjoyy :) ~ Ever since Liam and Sonia broke there engagement off, Sonia's been getting attention from one of her best friends, and Liam's closest friend, Niall. Now Sonia faces a conflict whether to give Liam a second chance or stick with Niall.


12. Snow Day.

Chapter 12: Snow Day.

                        Liam and I head over back with the band. I think that me and Liam did a pretty good job on agreeing.

“Did you guys make up?”

Harry saying in a babyish voice.

“Yes Harry, were now best friends again.”

I say while patting Liam’s back.

“You know we couldn’t stay mad each other.”

Liam says.

“He’s right, lets toast for our friendship.”

Louis says while handing us our Mcdonalds drinks.

“Cheers, for a new start and our TOUR!”

Zayn says, we all clank our beverages together, this is a new start which is good.

~ Sonia’s POV ~

I came back from the mall, they say they’d call me in three days to see if I got the job. Hopefully, this job could be like a distraction for me the least I need in my mind is Liam and Niall. Talking about them they should be heading off to their first rehearsal by now. I get off my car, and go inside my lobby. I check my mail.

“Bills, bills, oh something interesting, from Leslie Flores.”

It was an envelope from my sister, I open the envelope. It’s a letter.


I’m just going to tell you that this weekend I’m heading over to your place for a bit, like four weeks or so? L.A. is too much for me right now to handle so expect me by Friday.



My sister is coming with me for four weeks that’s going to be crazy. Can’t wait though my sister always knows how to put a smile on my face, and really that’s what I need. I really don’t want to head over to my place right now and it’s like only the afternoon, so I decide to call Noelle for lunch at subway.


“Hey Noelle I know this is random but I’m hungry and bored so how bout I pick you up and head over to subway you know if you’re not busy?”

“Sonia I’d love to go pick me up in 10?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Okay bye.”


I go to my apartment real quick just to change out of my sophisticated outfit and put something more casual on. When I’m done changing I go to pick up Noelle. I get there and ring her buzzer.

“I’ll be right down.”


A little minutes later, I see someone walking towards me from far away, the person gets a little closer to makeout his face.

“Hey Sonia.”

“Hi Joseph.”

I say while moving my eyes to the street.

“Oh come on your still not mad at me.”

“Um, well you almost did rape how can I not be mad at you?”

“Look I’m sorry I was just really drunk.”

“Well you shouldn’t drink, and it looks like your bruises and everything healed.”

I say while pointing at the scab he has on his bottom lip.

“Yeah, they did, that pretty little boy can fight, I would’ve beat him up but you know I was dru-“

“Yes sure whatever just get out of my sight.”

“Whatever pleases you miss bossy pants.”

He said in a mockingly voice. At this point Noelle was coming out of the elevator.

“Hi babe, what are you doing here?”

“Well I was coming over to visit but I see you have plans.”

“Oh yeah sorry just come by later.”

“Yeah, I will bye.”

Joseph says while kissing her on the lips and then he walked away.

“Well sorry for that lets go to subway.”

“Yeah lets go.”

~ Niall’s POV ~

It’s already 12:00 in the afternoon and our flight was suppose to leave at around 9:00 in the morning, I can’t wait any longer so I go over to ask the desk lady.

“Miss, when is our flight for Europe at 9:00 a.m. suppose to leave?”

“Um hun, let me check.”

The airport attendant took a long time to come back with our answer.

“Sir, I’m sorry but the flight will have to be canceled.”

“What, why?”

“Well, If you can’t see outside it’s starting to snow a bit, pilots are saying while there on the air the snow will get heavier, and we don’t want to take risks. But tomorrow at five in the morning you’ll get to leave.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome, and I’m really sorry.”

I walk over to the band to tell them the news.

“When are we leaving?”

Harry says while jumping up.

“I’m sorry guys but the flight is going to be canceled..”

“What, why?”

Zayn says nagging.

“It’s a snow day.”

“But it’s barely snowing.”

Liam says while slapping is forehead.

“The pilots said it’ll get heavier and they don’t want to take any risks.”

“So when are we leaving tomorrow?”

Louis says.

“Five in the morning.”


The whole band says groaning.

“Hey guys but look in the bright side at least our first performance isn’t today, it’s until next week.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Harry says.

“So what do you guys want to do now?”

Liam says.

“Hey what if we go to the park?”

Harry says.

“But the fans what if anyone recognizes us?”

Zayn says.

“Your right lets go to my place, well have our own time before we leave it’ll be fun I promise.”

“Yeah let’s go, well have a little kickback.”

Louis says.

“Well then what are we waiting for? Lets go.”

Liam says while standing up.

“But I took a taxi here.”

Harry says.

“I’ll take you, either way your stuff fits in my car.”

I say.

We go towards my car.

“I call shotgun.”

Zayn tells Harry.

“Not fair.”

Harry says moaning.

We go into my car and we drive off to my house while Louis follows me, hopefully this snow day turns out good then I least expected.

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