Nobody Compares

This is a ff for my friend that I'm still doing, I just thought I'd share it here, it's about a Niall && Liam Love Storyy, Enjoyy :) ~ Ever since Liam and Sonia broke there engagement off, Sonia's been getting attention from one of her best friends, and Liam's closest friend, Niall. Now Sonia faces a conflict whether to give Liam a second chance or stick with Niall.


4. I've Always Had Feelings.

Chapter 4: I’ve Always Had Feelings.

                        Once our lips separate I look into Niall’s blue eyes. I feel my heart racing as fast as it has ever raced, I felt fireworks bursting out of my heart.

“Niall I’m so sorry I know that you told me not to but, I couldn’t stand it.”             

“Sonia it’s fine you tried to stop but, I pulled you back in, I should be sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, but just tell me do you have feelings for me because I don’t want to keep on doing this, I want you to be happy even if well it’s not with me.”

“Niall, I well, I honestly-“

~ Phone Rings ~

“What, finish it?”

“Just answer it, it could be important.”

“Your right, give me a sec.”

Niall walks outside my apartment. While he’s outside I think to myself do I have feelings for Niall, or is it just desire? I honestly don’t know how to confess to him.

“Sonia, I need to go, Joel’s at the vet, they say they might need to put him down.”

“It’s fine, go.”

Joel is Niall’s dog, it’s a husky, Joel has a problem eating if he eats to much he throws up. They’ve token him to the vet before but, they’ve never really found anything, Niall said it was getting more complicated. I go into my bedroom bathroom and turn the faucet on I grab some toothpaste and out it on my red toothbrush I start to brush my teeth. Once I’m done rinsing I clean my toothbrush and set it back where it belongs. I rush to my bed and lay down I pull the covers over my face and think what a day. Before I fell asleep I started to think about what Niall had said do I like him or am I just using him for attention, truth is I’ve always liked Niall, it’s like he planted a seed into my heart but, I would never let him tend it so the feelings wouldn’t grow, but now that I’m letting him “tend” it I think I am gaining feelings for Niall.

~ Niall’s POV ~

I rush into the vet’s enterance.

“I’m here for a husky named Joel, I just got a call that you might need to put him down.”

“Oh, yes Joel, let me tell Dr. Lewis you’re here.”


“No, problem sir take a seat please.”

I sit in the waiting room, I pick up a magazine scattered on the brown coffee table. I begin to scroll over the magazine’s cover.

“Cutest couple of the year, Liam Payne and Sonia Flores.”

I thought of Sonia, does she really have feelings for me? I mean I’ve always had feelings for her, but can my long lost dream actually come true. Just the thought of this makes my heart accelerate into a million hours per hour.

“Mr. Horan, Dr. Lewis would like to speak with you.”

“Okay thank you mam.”

I go into the door that leads to a hallway there I see the vet standing.

“Hello, Mr. Horan.”

“Hi, Dr. Lewis.”

I shake her hand.

“Mr. Horan, I have good news and bad news, which would you like to here first?”

“Good news please.”

“Well the good news is that Joel is going to be fine, the bad news is the only way he could be fine is if we do surgery on him, there this type of virus on him that we can take away with the surgery but, we don’t know if he can take the Anastasia to numb him enough were afraid that he may past out and well never come back.”

“Doc. do anything for my Joel.”

“Well then you’ll just need to sign some paperwork.”




~ Liam’s POV ~

I wake up with my stomach feeling inside out. Hangovers suck. I got drunk yesterday for no reason, well only because me and Sonia haven’t got back together I know were taking a break but, I just want her, I really want her back, but I need to wait for her to decide. I stand up and throw on my tank, I go to the kitchen and scan the refrigerator, nothing but a Gatorade, I grab it and take 2 eggs out and a weenie. I cut the weenie into small slices, then I put a pan on the stove, I break two eggs and beat them in a small bowl. Then I add the sliced up weenie into the pan then the eggs, once I was done cooking I sit on my dining table and eat.

~ Phone Vibrates ~

I check my phone and I see that it’s a text from Danielle.

Hey Liamm <3

Sent at 8:41 a.m.

I’m not answering, I feel bad for her why does she keep trying? When I’m done eating I wash my dish, and head off to the shower. I rub the soap on my hair, thinking of Sonia still. Why does she want to take a break is there well someone else, does she never want to get back with me. No don’t think that Liam you see that’s what happened you ruined your relationship getting jealous and having low self esteem, but something is kind of weird and I’m going to find out sooner or later.

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