Nobody Compares

This is a ff for my friend that I'm still doing, I just thought I'd share it here, it's about a Niall && Liam Love Storyy, Enjoyy :) ~ Ever since Liam and Sonia broke there engagement off, Sonia's been getting attention from one of her best friends, and Liam's closest friend, Niall. Now Sonia faces a conflict whether to give Liam a second chance or stick with Niall.


6. It's My Fault...

Chapter 6: It’s My Fault…

                        Me and Niall were having a great time dancing until, Joseph tagged along.

“Mind if I tag along?”

“Sure Joseph.”

Niall says.

“Hey, Sonia, remember when we saw each other the day at the apartment, why did you leave?”

Joseph knew but, he’d always like to act stupid.

“I’d rather not talk about it, right now.”

“Well then, maybe later?”


I pulled Niall to the other side of the dance floor, we started to dance again, but then I accidentally bumped into someone I turn around to say sorry, when I see the person that I’ve least expect to see. Liam.

“Oh, hi Liam, I’m sorry.”

He didn’t say nothing and turned back around to his dance partner, which was that slut of Danielle. I try to ignore him, but the whole time I was dancing with Niall, I couldn’t get my eyes off them, I felt the rage of jealousy trying to escape, but I kept it in. Noelle, finally called everyone to gather around and she was in the gazebo with a microphone in her hand.

“Thank you all so much for coming to this engagement party, well my engagement party.”

Everyone claps.

“What can I say I fell in love with Joseph the first time I ever saw him, come here babe.”

Joseph goes in the gazebo with Noelle, and then kisses her cheek. She then hands the microphone to him.

“To tell you the truth, I never believed in love at first sight, I always thought of it as a child’s tale, but then I met Noelle, she’s the first woman that ever took me head over heels for some girl, what can I say I love you Noelle.”

The rest of the speeches were made by family members, close friends, and some drunk people. I had gone back to Niall’s car to get Noelle’s engagement gift, when I got to the hummer, I felt a hand grab my arm, the hand turns me around and pushes me against the hummer, I look into the person’s eyes.

“Let me go, Joseph.”

“Okay, okay, I was just kidding now are you gonna tell me?”

“Joseph you almost gave me a heart attack I thought I was going to get raped, and no I’m not, I don’t see a reason for me to tell you.”

“You promised, and plus you would’ve liked it.”

“I didn’t promise you anything, and to be honest no I wouldn’t like it.”

“Oh, come on you know you would.”

I see Joseph getting closer.

“Joseph are you drunk, let’s go take you back to the party.”

“Noo, I don’t want to, I want you.”

I feel his lips crash into mine forcefully, I start to pull away, but it’s a struggle he has my arms and he’s holding them down.

“Hey leave her alone.”

I hear that Irish accent thank god.

“Who are you, oh that’s right no one, now go mind your own business.”

“I’m actually someone, rather than being a horny bastard, and she’s my business.”

“Oh your funny, what you gonna do about it?”

“Oh you’ll see.”

Niall walks up to Joseph and punches him, then they start to fight like savages, and of course I try to pull Niall away but Joseph wouldn’t give in to stop. I get in between them.

“STOP BOTH OF YOU NOW, Niall get in the car.”

Niall gets in the car and I give Joseph the gift.

“Here happy birthday, now stop being a prick, and you might want to put some meat on that eye and lip and-“

“Okay whatever I got it.”

I go back into the car and grab Niall’s hand, I look up to him, he’s not badly hurt like how Joseph was. I place my hand on his left cheek and turn his face to face mine.

“Thanks Niall, even though it’s my fault… no one has ever done that for me.”

That awkward silence came again, but this time he was the one who kissed me.

~ Niall’s POV ~

I went in for the kiss, it felt great everything that I would imagine but 100 times better, she was mine and I knew it. Once our lips had gone apart, I started the car. She grabbed my hand. When we were leaving the venue I think Liam saw us. We got back to her house and I got out.

“Wait, Sonia, before you go inside, what about us?”

“Well, let’s wait at least three or four more weeks till we make it official, I think it’s to soon for me, and plus my feelings are starting to grow for you, I’m just a little confused, night Niall.”

She kisses me on the cheek and enters her lobby, she’s right we need to wait we don’t want anybody talking bad about us, right now.

I drive back home, and once I get in the elevator I got a text from Liam.

How could you?

Sent at 11:03 p.m.

I don’t know whether to answer him, I mean, I could get into huge problems with the band, I might lose my career, but I should answer him in the calmest and nicest way possible.

I’m sorry, Liam, but I think she’s moved on, well I really don’t know, but if you want me to keep away so you can try again to be with her, then just tell me, because I would do ANYTHING just to see her HAPPY. Think about it.

Sent at 11:05 p.m.

I think I’ve made a wise choice of telling Liam that, he really needs to stop being selfish right now and think of Sonia in her happiness.

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