Nobody Compares

This is a ff for my friend that I'm still doing, I just thought I'd share it here, it's about a Niall && Liam Love Storyy, Enjoyy :) ~ Ever since Liam and Sonia broke there engagement off, Sonia's been getting attention from one of her best friends, and Liam's closest friend, Niall. Now Sonia faces a conflict whether to give Liam a second chance or stick with Niall.


14. I Need To

Chapter 14: I Need To

                        I wake up with pain running through my whole body. I open my eyes to see that I’m in my living room on the floor I must’ve fell from the couch I’m a crazy sleeper, I remember quickly about Liam so I jump up to see the black loveseat empty. What? I thought, was I dreaming or did Liam actually come and did we actually kiss. I rub my eyes hoping that I would wake up from a dream, but this is real, I see that my phone is under the couch so I pick it up and turn it on. There on the lock screen was a text from Liam.

Hey beautiful, hopefully by this time you see this you’re awake, I didn’t want to wake you, either way I left for my flight by this time I should, be on my way to Europe, well what happened yesterday, was amazing so now you have a long half of a year to think, about us. Love you, Liam. btw breakfast is in the micro.

I can barely breathe because what happened between me and Liam, was real. Even though I was a little teeny bit hoping that it was, I stand up and walk over to find granola and yogurt and some toast in the microwave I pour myself some orange juice, and go sit down to enjoy my breakfast.

~ Liam’s POV ~

“Your never happy with me you know what Sonia it’s over, give me my ring back! “

 “Fine Liam, here, and leave me here I can’t stand but to see you anymore stop the car and let me out! “

She said that while holding back tears.


“Hey what happened yesterday?”

I feel Louis poking at me, cutting the memory off.


“What happened with you and Sonia? Did you guys make up?”

I jump startled with the question, should I tell Louis about what happened between me and her. I stay quiet for a moment.

“Liam, tell me.”

“No- nothing, nothing we just watched mo-movies.”

I say while stuttering.

“Movies? my ass, come on Liam I promise I won’t tell Niall.”

This time Louis said that whispering.

“Umm, look is that a bird.”

I say while trying to change the conversation.

“Ha, nice try, but birds don’t get this high.”

“You never know.”

I say shrugging.

“Liam, stop changing the subject and tell me.”

He said while slapping my shoulder.

“Oww, that hurt, I think I need to use the restroom be right back.”

I jump up like if I were running away from a cat if I were a mouse.

“Oh, okay payne, but watch you’ll need me, oh you’ll need me.”

Louis says while pointing at me with a evil look on his face.

Thank god, I got out of that one, I don’t know even know if I should tell anyone about this.

~ Sonia’s POV ~

I was washing my dishes while I hear my buzzer ring out loud. I jump startled to the noise and walk over and answer it.



The persons says while almost yelling it out.

“Who is this?”

“Really who else, but your prettiest sister of them all!”

Leslie says.

“Really I don’t have any pretty sisters last time I checked I was the sexiest.”

I say sarcastically, while trying to keep my laugh in.

“HAHA, open up.”

She says a bit annoyed.

I buzz her in, and a few minutes later she was in my apartment.

“Hi Sonia!”

Leslie says while jumping on top of me for a hug.

“Hi Leslie.”

I say while panting for air of how hard she was hugging me.

“Oooh, sorry, let me bring in my bags, help me?”


We go to my hallway, and she has like fifteen bags out here.

“You’re gonna wear all this LESLIE?”

“Yeah duh.”

She says seriously.

“Now help me.”

After we were done bringing in the suitcases of ROCKS, I grabbed some water and sat in the dining room.

“So I thought you were suppose to be here on the weekend?”

I say while taking a sip of my water.

“Well, I wanted to surprise you, so I came earlier.”

“Well, you gave my back a surprise, it’s soar, what do you carry in there woman?”

“Stuff, Sonia.”

“Ha, okay like freaking BOULDERS in those things.”

“Oh calm down, so how have you been feeling?”

“Fine, I guess, but oh my goodness we need to talk.”

~ Niall’s POV ~

I’m looking through my pictures on my phone, when I come across a picture of me and Sonia. Sonia, oh you. I wonder what you and Liam did last night because I know he got home around 4:00 a.m. even though he denies it, I know he did. But, can you really just forget me, I say it like if I even had a “thing” with you. Probably not to you, but for me yes, there was a spark, and it would be so sad, if we gave up, but whatever you choose is good, one thing is I need to forget about you, if you’re going to pick him. I cut those thoughts off, and just gaze on over to the clouds.

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