Blackened Souls

This is poetry from a very hard period of my life. I hope you enjoy. Some are happy some are morbid.


3. Untitled






I stare openly,
Not caring if you see me.
I've given up.
Have you too?

The candles that once lit 
your face have been snuffed.
Where did they go?
What happened to us? To you?

I stare openly,
Wondering if you do to.
I am tired of the secrets.
The blackness returning without you here.
Please just tell me What happened to us? To you?

Help me to understand.
What happened to your candles?
That burned so bright?
That pulled me to you?
Those eyes I see now are long gone.

But do tell me,
Where or when did they disappear?
When did you stop loving me?
This isn't a break up 
This a coward who just walked away.

I don't want you excuses.
I just want to understand.
Where are those lovely candles?
Where is the boy who held me close and comforted my fears?
Where did he go?

What did I do?
What did I do to make you,
fall out of love with me?
What made you run away?

Oh please help me understand.
I really am confused.
Where are those lovely bright candles
That once shone in those bright blue eyes?

Where did you go?
I stare now openly,
Searching for the boy I fell in love with.
All I see is a shell of what
Used  to be.

I don't know what to call this.
So I call this my 
Untitled love story.
If only love was the right word to use.

I wonder now where did that boy go?
With those bright blue eyes.
Who comforted me in my time of need.
Who held me close as I cried.

Those candles in his eyes,
Gave me comfort, but now
When I look inside them 
All I see is a stranger.

What happened to those bright shining blue eyes?
What happened to the boy I thought I loved?
Please help me understand.
I stare now openly not caring
I have given up.

Just. Like. You.

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