Blackened Souls

This is poetry from a very hard period of my life. I hope you enjoy. Some are happy some are morbid.


4. Unfair Feelings

Why do I feel this way?
When I dream, I dream of you.
But, when I wake I begin to hate you.
Even more!
Somebody, help me! help me!

This isn't fair
I shouldn't feel this way,
After all this time!
So long ago you broke me.
You shattered me.
You just walked away.
Leaving me in the shattered glass.
That was my HEART!

I used to love you.
Now I hate you.
Why do I feel this way?
I still defend you,
When I know I shouldn't.
You don't deserve my love!

Why is it so hard to say goodbye?
Why can't I just walk away?
Why can't I move on with my life?
When I dream I dream of you, unfair.
When I wake I hate you even more.

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