Blackened Souls

This is poetry from a very hard period of my life. I hope you enjoy. Some are happy some are morbid.


8. The Legend of Mary








She's left alone,
To face all her problems
And to be blamed,
For her family's misfortune

Abandoned in spirit- 
Little Mary will never feel,
Loved, on her swing 
She sits until a family will love her,
Like she knows she deserves

Killed in a rage-
Mary haunts the very spot,
Where her father wacked
her with an axe,
Fifty times to be exact.
Poor little Mary, 
Unloved and her soul lingers in Torment

Her Mama never came,
Not even when she heard
Her six year old screams,
Come from the Willow Tree Swing
Nor did she when the river turned red.

On a full moon Mary comes back.
And the river will turn red.
As Little Bloody Mary seeks her revenge.

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