Blackened Souls

This is poetry from a very hard period of my life. I hope you enjoy. Some are happy some are morbid.


19. Marry Me Once

***Tell me what you thing of this one:)***



'Sit, wait; I'll be right back.

You said to me one day.

As the snow fell I wondered 

What possibly you had to get.


You came back and tripped

You landed on one knee

You produced a box from your coat

and said to me,

''Abby will you marry me?"


Of course I said yet to you.

You are after all the perfect man for me.

But I made you promise,

"Only marry me once, don't ever leave me."

You promised that day I'd be your one and only



All my life,

I dreamed of the day

I'd finally say I do.

I always hoped I'd say it to you.

I've loved you forever 

and in a months time.

It'll be our moment

Our day to finally say.

'I do' and answer to the call

Of our new names

Our names joined by love and matrimony.

Along with our families


I'll shop with your mother.

You'll hunt with my father.

You'll fish with my brother

I'll gossip with your sister

And you'll visit with my mother

I'll cook for your father,

And laugh with him too.


My sister and yours will be the best of friends forevermore 

Just know that even if they hate eachother

I'll always love you. 

And that's all that matters.


I made you promise eighty

Odd years ago you'd only 

Marry me once. 

And even six feet deep 

You kept your promise to me.

I love you I do.

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