Blackened Souls

This is poetry from a very hard period of my life. I hope you enjoy. Some are happy some are morbid.


7. Heart Beats






I feel you next to me.
I hear your heart.
I can't help fear it as well.
I can't help but as I fell
I fell with love and fear.

My tears cascade down my face
My heart beats for only you
Soon it will beat no longer
I know deep down you are dangerous
But I fell.
Quickly I fell into the deep abyss of your eyes

My heart beats only for you
Your heart fights with mine.
Always wanting to love more
Your love terrifies me.
The danger of it excites me

My heart is falling deeply for you.
You will eventually rip it out 
Before it can escape and 
Overwhelm you as you sleep.
Your heart beats with me.
Your heart fights as well with mine.

Your love is dangerous
My love is pure
Your love terrifies me
So does mine. 

We love each-other completely
We shall die with one another
We shall be the end of one another.

Your love is dangerous 
But so is mine
Your heart beats faster than mine
My heart beat tries to keep up
I'm straining to love you as much
You will be the death of me.

My love it terrifies you.
It will kill you.
My love is dangerous.
My love is lethal
My love is fatal.
My heart beat finally excels yours
Down you fall.

Your heart beat no longer
Fighting mine.
My love is lethal
My love is pure
My love is fatal.

I love you My Love.

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