Kylie has been best friends with Harry since 8th grade, but she's always had more than friends feelings for him. Kylie's just to embarrassed to tell him. People just keep getting in the way.. Will Kylie tell Harry her true feelings? Does Harry feel the same way? Read on to find out..


2. Another Normal Morning

Harry arrived at my house so I went downstairs to see him, he brought me Strabucks just the way I liked it, he was such a good friend.

"Good Morning Kylie!" He greeted me

"Morning Haz!"

"Ready to go?"

"Yup!" So we head to the car

(Harry's POV)

 During the car ride we laughed and sang to the radio. It was fun when I was with Kylie. Sometimes I can't help starring at her, she is so pretty. Kylie's not like the other girls, she doesn't wear lots of make up and doesn't try to get every guy.  But I didn't know how I felt about her, I have mixed feelings. It's just Belle, I've had a crush on her for awhile and she flirts with me, I think I'm gonna ask Belle out but I'm going to ask Kylie's opinion first. 

(Kylie's POV)

We're at school and we walk in Harry's says 

"Have a good day!" 

"You too!" I said, he gives me a hug goodbye and after I see him walk over to his locker and immediately Belle walks over. Belle has Barbie blonde hair and wears tons of make up. I know her and Harry have a thing for each other. She started flirting with him and he flirted back, so of course I got a little jealous. 

"It's not polite to stare" said a girl from behind me. It was Eleanor, she was also a close friend. 

"Shush Eleanor!" I said jokingly, I started getting books out of my locker.

"You like him don't you?"

"What no!"

"Kylie! I see the way you look at him!" Eleanor said knowing I was lying. 


"Then tell him! Make your move before he gets  serious with Belle!"

"But I don't know if he feels the same and we're  best friends and I tell him everything, but this I just on know how to say." I told her. Eleanor smirked and we started walking to our class. Most of the morning went fast and it was time for lunch I sat at my usual table with Eleanor, her boyfriend Louis, and Niall, something was unusual though, Harry always sits with us but today he was no where to be found. I tried to act like I didn't know notice but it actually really bothered me.

School ends and I go home. It's Friday night and my parents are gone for the weekend so I decided to call Harry and see if he wants to come over. 


"Hey Harry my parents are gone for the weekend you wanna come over?" 

"Yeah be there in 10!" 

"Okay bye!" Great he coming over! About 10 minutes later I heard someone at the door, it was Harry. The minute I opened the door Harry playfully tackled me to the ground, we're both laughing we're practically crying. This is why I love Harry, he can make happy and laugh even if I'm sad. Harry helped me up and yelled 

"HELLO! Did you like my enterance?" 

"Loved!" I couldn't stop laughing. Harry sat down on the couch and I sat on his lap. He didn't care or thing anything of it. 

(Harrys POV) 

Kylie sat on my lap; I didn't care she always does. I turn on the tv. Kylie starts going on twitter in her phone. 

"OMG Harrys here, I got to tweet this!" I said in a girly mocking voice. 

"Shut up I wasn't tweeting that!" 

"Well you should it would make me feel special!" 

Kylie tweeted:      "hanging with @harry_styles. My best friend! ;)"

"I feel special!

Kylie was seeming a bit too quite tonight so I asked her 

"What's wrong love?" 

"Oh nothing why?"

"You seem quite and like something's wrong."

"nothing's wrong." She denied 

"okay well I'll ask you something then, what do you think about Belle?" I asked 

"what about her?" Kylie asks

" Well ya know I like her she likes me, I gonna ask her out." 

"Okay have fun" Kylie said with even glancing up from her phone.

(Kylie's POV) 

Harrys statement was awkward. Me and Harry were lying next to each other now. Harry gets up and walks over to the stereo and outs on the song 'Raise Your Glass' by Pink. He turned it up loud and started dancing around like a fool while the sing sang " Raise you glass if you are wrong in all the right ways!!! Are we on tonight!!!" I just sat there and laughed. Harry walked over to me and put out his hand and said 

"You're not gonna let me dance alone, are you?"

"Yes I am!"

"c'mon Kylie!" Harry whined 



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