Do you still remember....

Do you still remember summer 09? When we played the guitar too loud? Remember the words you whispered I will always believe? Remember when you were mine? When you wanted me to hit the pedal heavy metal style and show you I cared?
Well how about I do in Summer 13.


3. Memories prt 2.


Sitting in the passenger seat of the car I let myself relax. We were heading to Zuma beach, California. The same place 4 years ago I met an extraordinary girl. When I won the X Factor in 2010 I gave up texting her. I had a career now and that's what I was wanting to focus on. At the start I blocked out even my mom. That really hurt her and everyone picked up on it so I was given a weeks vacation just for me and my mom to bond again. It was her who made me want to write a song about Sophie. She was talking non stop about her being so sweet and it brought back memories.
"HAZZ ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING!" brought me back to reality. In front of my eyes was Zuma just how I remembered it. And to my right a very angry Louis. "Sorry I was outta it." They all chuckled.

Once we found our hotel and got sorted, we hit the beach. Only one person stuck out from the crowds of people. It was her.

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