In the past, communities had gang and drug cultures that ruined reputation. Now, in the future, we have gangs of readers and writers, set out to educate the world.


3. 3.

'We have another mission,' Frank is stood before us, arms behind his back and his hat on crooked. 'This one has come straight from Guild Command, and it requires stealth and the ultimate infiltration skills. It's dangerous and if not done correctly, it can result in loss for us all,' he pauses, and holds his arms out like a showman. 'We need to get into the government.'

I find Tom's hand at my side and grip it. A commotion is beginning, but as a wave of murmuring that rode along the shores of our ears, rising high above us and crashing down in shouts. Frank attempts to hush us, to reason, but we're outraged at how the Guild would endanger someone like that. Fighting in the streets, well, that's one thing. But sending someone to infiltrate the government and risk their lives and the safety of everyone in their troop? That's downright selfish. I stand up and walk to the front, stopping beside Frank. The troop hushed.

'Why can't they get their "specially trained" agents to do it?' I ask mockingly, and the troop cheer me. 'Why endanger us, the best troop they have on the field?'

'They feel their agents aren't as experienced on the field,' Frank looks at me, and I feel bad for turning against him, but a mother must protect her children. 'They want someone with experience, someone they can trust and is fighting for what they believe in, not just for the money the Guild give them. Spies do their work for money, for all we know they could be trying to infiltrate Guild Command at this very moment just for a few hundred dollars.' 

'I'm not letting anyone in this troop be put in anymore danger than they already are.' 

I can see the anger in Frank's eyes glower beneath the chocolate brown that I had become so accustomed to. They look as though they're burning red like the embers of a dying fire, but Frank's fire is far from being extinguished. His hands curl into fists and then release, and his shoulders lose tension that I hadn't realised was there until he stepped towards me. Despite him being younger, he's taller and stronger than me. 

'I don't recall you being in charge of this troop, Francis,' he spits. 'Do you think I would do this unless it's absolutely necessary? If we send someone in, the rest of the troop own't have to fight until the mission is over. We can be central to everything going on in the mission, whoever goes in will be wired up and we have The Fox to hack into their security feed. We'll have eyes on everything all the time. I know you're concerned, but you needn't be, okay?' 

I nod, and turn away, back towards the troop. Some of them nod at me with grim faces, knowing that they need to obey their troop leader. 

It infuriates me how I'm undermined by my brother. It's like some sort of sibling rivalry, but I know I should be over that by now, because it's a childish notion and there's no room for children here. I would know. But I feel the annoyance building inside me again, and suddenly I can see a solution swimming before my eyes. A way to keep everyone else in the troop safe, without one of them leaving and trying to get into the most dangerous place in the country. 

'I'll go.' 

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