In the past, communities had gang and drug cultures that ruined reputation. Now, in the future, we have gangs of readers and writers, set out to educate the world.


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Words. They used to be people's sanctuaries, holding memories and thoughts in structures of letters in a way that the senses just couldn't. They created stories, cast pictures in someone's mind, even reminded them of someone or something when the time was either right or highly inappropriate. They had the power to control your mind and emotions if they were composed correctly, but they took that power away. In 3013, the new government decided that the creativity of the written word was too open-minded for their liking, and banned all books that were not factual and approved by them. The book burnings they held were larger and more widespread than those of the Nazis. I'd never seen so many people cry over a fire in my life.

When the words were gone, so were many nostalgic emotions. The world became grey and quiet, but if you listened hard enough, you could hear people whispering the memories of their favourite words over and over under their breath. I suppose it gave them comfort. Stories were suddenly passed down from mothers to daughters, fathers to sons. It went back to how it used to be.

And maybe it was better.

Not for long.

The Guild of Words was set up in 3014, by Victor Howard Plower of London. Each member had to swear their dedication to the Guild and their want or need for words or books. People joined for all types of reasons; they needed books for education, they miss being able to have stories, I knew of one woman who wanted to be able to read her daughter a bedtime story. I understand that both mother and daughter are dead now, thanks to the government. They see us as rebels, people going against them purely to cause them trouble, but we don't think of it like that. We fight for ourselves, and we oppose anyone that tries to interfere with us. It just so happens that they were the ones interfering.

I joined the Guild at the age of 17. I didn't have a reason. I wanted to fight for a cause, and I wanted to be a hero. But suddenly, it became more than that. I met someone, who I fought alongside. We were married in the middle of the war, and I became pregnant. But fighting pregnant has a few complications, and on the 24th June 3023, I lost my first child in the fourth month of pregnancy. I knew it was to be a boy, and my boy gave me something to fight for.

And there was where it began.

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