Best Days of our life *an andy biersack fan fiction*

Cori-anne is your average 18 year old. She has a great life and nothings ever gone wrong. Its 2013 and she cant wait to go to the Vans Warped Tour but when a certain 5 people show up at her house unexpectedly what will haooen? and when she meets Black Veil Brides, her idols, will her fangirl crush on andy become more than a crush? Will her friends dream come true when she meets ashley? will they fall in love? who knows. Read and find out!


2. Chapter Two.

I stood there frozen and in shock. I couldnt speak and i couldnt move. There standing in MY house at MY front door was.. Black Veil Brides?!? This cant be happening! This must all be a dream... "Hi there! Sorry for intruding but we were just on our way to warped tour in toronto but our tour bus just broke down" Andy said. I stood there mesmerized by his voice. Then Ashley spoke up and said, "Would it be okay if we styed here for a week?" I looked at my mom "OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MOM!?!?!" "Well... Sure!" she said. "OMG MOM I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!" i tightly bear hugged her and said, "Okay boys, let me show you to your rooms then!" I led them upstairs and down the long hall. "This, is my room" I said pointing to the first door on the left. "This will be Andy and Ashleys room." I said pointing to the room across from mine. "This will be Jake and CC's" I said pointing to the one beside mine. "And jinxx, this is yours!" I said pointing to the one across from Jake and CC's. They all walked into their rooms just as i walked into mine. % minutes later, Ireland was at my front door. "Honey! Irelands here!" my mom yelled up. "Let her up!" I yelled back. I heard Ireland running up the stairs before she barged into my room, slammed the door, and jumped on my bed. "OMG! Why is Black Veil Brides tour bus outfront?!?" "Erm.. Be right back!" I ran out of my room, closed my door and quietly knocked knocked on Andy's door. "Yes?" he asled opening the door with his adorable smile. "Um.. Can i come in for a minute?" I asked shyly. "Sure!" he said and stepped aside for me to walk in. I walked in and sat on the bed. Ashley was in the shower so it was just me and Andy. "What did you need hun?" ~fangirl he called me hun :')~ "Um.. My friend Ireland is here and wants to know why your bus is out front.. Erm.. I wanted to ask you if it was okay if i told her or not.." he laughed a little and said "Sure! Heres my number" he said handing me a piece of paper with his number on it as well as 4 others. "Whos number are these?" "The other band members. Send us all a picture of her face when you tell her" he winked and laughed. "Oh and save my name as Batman!" he said as i was leaving. I walked into my room and all Ireland did was stare at me as if to say 'well?' I laughed. "One second just gotta do something first!" I grabbed my phone and added all 5 numbers. I decided to tell Andy that i was about to do it so prepare the others for the picture.

Hey Batman - Cori-anne

Hey pretty lady - Batman

Hahah about to break news prepare others lol - Cori-anne

Alright hun ttyl - Batman

"Alright Ireland. Please dont freak out about this! The bus is out front because, on the way to warped tour their bus broke down so... Their staying here for a week..!" I got my camera ready. *Snap* "OMG OMG OMG Black Veil Brides are in YOUR house RIGHT NOW?!?" "Calm down! Please!" "Oh my gosh this is amazing! Im gunna go home then so you guys can have some bonding time!" she said and then she left. When I went downtairs my mom had gone out so it was just me and the boys. I looked at the time and it was 6:30pm. I decided to make dinner for the 6 of us. I made bacon, homemade  pizza, and cookies with the batman symbol on them just for Andy after dinner. It was all finished at 7. "Boys! Dinners ready!" I yelled up the stairs. 5 minutes later, Jake, Jinxx, CC, and Ashley were sitting around my nig island in the middle of the kitchen. Ughh.. Where the heck is Andy? I walked upstairs and into Andy's room and he was just sitting there staring at me. "Dinners readt you know.." I said standing in front of him. He stood up "I know i wanted to see if you wuld actually come up here for me." "Of course i would!" "Well, thank you for dinner. I bet your feet hurt from standing so long!" "Kinda yeah.." I said. "Good." He crouched down  bit. "What areyou doing?" I asked while laughing. "Jump on, i'll give you a piggyback ride downstairs!" he said smiling. "Erm.. Okay!" I got on his back and we laughed the entire way downstairs. When we walked in the kitchen, the guys were all staringat us so i jumped off Andy's back and got dinner out. I sat in between Andy and Ashle during dinner. Everyone was finished at 8. Ashley and Jinxx were watchin TV, CC and Jake went to bed, and me and Andy hung out in my room for a while. We talked, an laughed, shared the things we have in common, and ate the batman cookies i made for him. "I know this is random but can i be honest with you?" he randomly asked me. "Erm... Sure" "Theres something i really need to tell you.." "What is it Andy?" he didnt answer he jut got really serious. "I think your extremely beautiful an your an amazing girl. I've never met anyone who makes me feel like I do when im with you. I know we only just met met but its how i feel about you now.." his face went red and he turned away. I turned his face back to me and looked right into his piercing blue eyes and said, "Thats honestly the nicest thing anyones ever said to me. I feel the same way about you. I dont see you as a famous person. I see you as an amazing normal guy with a heart whose eyes make me want to die." I said laughing at the last part. When i finshed he smiled and he turned towards me and slowly started to lean in looking right into my eyes. I couldnt take it anymore.. I leaned towards him meeting him halfway until i was kissing him. We sat there for what felt like 5 minutes moving our lips in perfect synchronization. His hand was around the back of my neck and my handis were playing with his hair. He slowly pulled away, looked into my eyes, and said, "Electrifying!" and we both just burst out laughing. "I'm getting really tired.." "Me too.. Im gunna go to bed." he went to stand up but I stopped him. "What is it?" "It's just, Ashley's sleeping and.. Erm.. I dont want you to wake him!" "It's fine i'll sleep on the couch then." he tried to stand up again but once again, I stopped him. "Erm.. Why dont you.. Uhh.. Stay here.. With me..?" I asked kind of embarassed. "Do you want me to?" he asked. "Erm.. Yeah.." I said blushing like crazy. "Okay then, looks like im sleepig here." I layed down on my bed and he layed down beside me. He had his hands up under his head, leaving his chest open likea pillow so I slowly moved over, wrapped my arm around his waist, and rested my head on his chest. He didnt seem to mind because he wrapped his arms around me. Next thing I know, I was asleep.


A/N hey guys! So, i know its kinda long but i hope you enjoy it! chapter 3 will be up soon i promise lovelies :3 and no, andy and cori-anne are NOT dating.. yet ;)

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