Best Days of our life *an andy biersack fan fiction*

Cori-anne is your average 18 year old. She has a great life and nothings ever gone wrong. Its 2013 and she cant wait to go to the Vans Warped Tour but when a certain 5 people show up at her house unexpectedly what will haooen? and when she meets Black Veil Brides, her idols, will her fangirl crush on andy become more than a crush? Will her friends dream come true when she meets ashley? will they fall in love? who knows. Read and find out!


3. Chapter Three.

Andy's POV

I woke up the next morning with a sleeping beauty in my arms. It feels so right being with her right now. I stayed there for a little while longer and then i had an idea! I carefully brought my arm out from underneath her and got out of bed. All of the guys were still sleeping so i went down into the kitchen unaware that i was only wearing batman boxers and i wasnt wearing a shirt. I walked into the kitchen and was going through the cupboards trying to find the tea. I finally found it and reached it out preparing that. Then, when i was trying to find the bacon and eggs, i heard footsteps upstairs. Shit! Please dont be Cori please dont be Cori! I peeked around the corner and saw it was jake. The caring helpful one. "Andy what are you doing up so early?" "SHH! Making breakfast for Cori shes still sleeping" "Yeah i can see that. Need any help?" He asked. "Sure can you find the eggs and start making them while i make the bacon and finish the tea?" "Sure thing." Why was jake so nice? He was my favourite of us brothers. I finished the tea and bacon at the same time that jake finished the eggs. He found a tray and i put it all on the tray. He walked up stairs to go back to bed im guessing. I walked upstairs into Cori's room and put the tray on her dresser. i quiclky but quietly went into me and Ash's room to grab pants. I Just grabbed my Batman pj bottoms. I slipped them on and quietly went back to Cori's room. I walked over to the bed and kissed my sleeping beauty. She slowly woke up and her beautiful green eyes fluttered open. "Morning Batman" Her sweet voice said with a smile. "Morning sleeping beauty" I said then bent over and kissed her forehead. "I made something for you" I said smiling. I walked over, grabbed the tray, and put it down beside her. "Aww! thanks!" she quickly kissed me. "Your welcome beautiful" and with that she started eating like she hasnt eaten in days. When she finished i took the tray and put it back on her dresser. She stood up and got changed and ready for the day. When she came out she looked beautiful. Her blonder hair was straight and put into a high ponytail making the pink ends look amazing, her beautiful green eyes standing out, she had black ripped skinny jeans that were identical to mine and a BVB tank top that said 'Black Veil Brides" and underneath that it said 'Never give in'. She was also wearing a bunch of rubber BVB and Batman bracelets. I stood up so we were facing each other. All i could say was, "Cori.. Will you be my girlfriend..?" she walked into the bathroom closed the door, screamed a high pitch really loud scream, and walked back out. She stood up on her toes and kissed me. "Answer your question?" she said giggling then running down the stairs. I followed after her. By now the guys were awake and staring at me chase her laughing like crazy. "Im gunna get you babe!" She just laughed and kept running and i kept chasing her around the house. After a while i got tired and stopped, falling into a chair. She ran over and sat on my lap. "Tired already are ya?" She giggled, quickly kissed me, got up and said, "With all that running this girls gotta pee! Be right back!" and then she dissapeared up the stairs. As soon as she was gone, "What, was THAT?!" Ashley half said half yelled. "That, was me playing around with my girlfriend!" "Dude! We've only known her FOR A DAY!" Jinxx said. "Yeah well, i've never felt the way i feel when im with her before and shes, electrifying! Literally! I feel so many sparks just if i touch her arm!" "Well, we're only here for a week so have fun tryingto figure this out." "Yeah, yeah" I said rolling my eyes at CC. This should be fun getting them to be happy for me..


Cori-Anne's POV

I giggled and ran up the stairs to my room. I still couldnt believe i was dating THE andy biersack! I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. When i was finished i washed my hands and ran into andy and ashley's room and quietly stole andys bvb sweater and put it on. I ran downstairs and jumped on andy's back. "Whoa! Hey there lightning!" I giggled and jumped down and he turned around. "Hey! Is that my sweater?!" I giggled and ran upstairs with a laughing Andy following me. I ran into my room and into my soundproof walk in closet and closed the doors before he walked in. "What the... Babe??" he was running around my room trying t find me and i giggled. He checked everywhere but here so when his back was facing me i quietly snuck out of the closet, came up behind him, and kissed his neck causing him to jump. "Holy shit!" I laughed "Scare you?" I winked and ran downstairs again. I ran into the kitchen and staring using Jake as my shield and we were all laughing. I ran quickly out the back door and into the backyard. I thought he was still inside so i stopped to catch my breath. Suddenly 2 strong and tattooed arms were tightly wrapped around my waist as i was lifted up and spun around. I started laughing once i realised who it was. Andy stopped and put me down, turning me around to face him. "Keep it" he said smiling. "Keep what?" I asked confused. "My Sweater silly!" he said chuckiling. "Why?" "Because I have 2 others and this one looks better onyou anyways!" I laughed "Okay ill keep it forever then!" He smiled. I stood up on my toes, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He started kissing back instantly and wrapped his arms around my waist. After what felt like 5 minutes, he pulled away and stared into my eyes. "What?" i asked. "Cori.." "Yes?.." I was getting nervous now.. "I- I love you.." he said. I stood there in shock because THE Andy Biersack told me he loved me! "I- I lov you to..! I reached up and kissed him again. He grabbed my hand and led me to the living room where the rest of the boys were. They were all sitting there looking suspicious about something.. Ashley was looking at hisphone and chuckled. Right as he did that me and andy both got notifications on our phones from twitter saying; @Ashley_Purdy101 has tagged you in a photo 'The New Cute Couple!" with @Andy_BVB and @Cori_Is_A_Fallen_Angel<3. I looked at the picture and it was me and Andy kissing in the backyard... "SHIT! WHY ASHLEY WHY?!" i yelled and ran upstairs, locking my bedroom door shut and blaring 'Falling in Reverse' just cause i know Ashley hates them. I can't believe he did that. Ireland is going to KILL me for not telling her! Fuck my life..

Andy's POV

"SHIT! WHY ASHLEY WHY?!" cori yelled and run up the stais slamming the door shut and blaring her music. "Whoa whats the deal with her?" Ashley asked. "I'll tell you the fucking deal with her. You shouldnt have posted that damn picture because she didnt want anyone other than you guys to know yet! Her best friend is going to freak on her for not telling her! Congrats Ash!" I said storming away into my room. I pulled out my phone and texted her.

Hey Babe you all rigt? :( -Batman

~5 minutes later~

Babe? Please answer me :'( -Batman

Another 5 minutes passed. I started getting worried as fuck. I opened my door and knocked on hers. No answer. I went to open it but it was locked.. I knocked on her door again, louder this time. I heard her music get turned down, and a shaky voice say, "W- Whos T-There?" "Babe, its just me Andy. Can I come in please?" "No! I- I look T-Terrible..!" she half said half yelled. "Babe, looks mean nothing to me. Please let me in.." "F-Fine.." the door slowly opened and i saw a shaky, crying, Cori. I felt like dying right there seeing her like this.. It breaks my heart. "Babe, dont cry... She was going to find out eventually.. "YOU DON'T GET IT! IRELAND HATES ME! LOOK!" she held out her phone and i read the message.

Hey "Best Friend" why the FUCK didn't you tell me you were fucking dating Andy Biersack huh?!? I thought we told eachother everything! Guess not! Whatever. Bye. -Ireland

P.S. I HATE YOU -Ireland

"I should hae told her... I'm so fucking stupid!" she said crying again. "Babe, calm down! I'm sure she will forgive you eventually! I already gave Ashley shit for wat he did. Just go get cleaned up and we'll go downstairs?" I said with a small smile. "Sure..." She walked into the bathroom and cae out 20 minutes later looking like she never got upset.. Amazing!


A/N hey guise so i know its long but i hope you like it and by the way the Twitter names are all fake i just made them up for the story haha chapter 4 will be up either later this week or sometime next week. Hope your enjoying it so far! Bye guise :*

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