Best Days of our life *an andy biersack fan fiction*

Cori-anne is your average 18 year old. She has a great life and nothings ever gone wrong. Its 2013 and she cant wait to go to the Vans Warped Tour but when a certain 5 people show up at her house unexpectedly what will haooen? and when she meets Black Veil Brides, her idols, will her fangirl crush on andy become more than a crush? Will her friends dream come true when she meets ashley? will they fall in love? who knows. Read and find out!


4. Chapter Four.

Andy's POV

I got up and walked over to her. "Babe, you smell like strawberries. I Like it! No.. I Love it!" I chuckled because it true. She smelt good and i loved it. I bent down and kissed her. I took her hand and we walked downstairs.


Cori-anne's POV

I looked good on the outside but, im still a wreck inside. How could Ashley do that to me? Oh well. hes gunna get it anyways. Andy and i walked downstairs and into the kitchen. The guys were sitting around the island staring at us. As soon as i saw Ashley i gave him the death glare that said 'one wrong move and i will kill you.' Jake chuckled and then bear hugged me. "Jake... Put me down!" i said in between laughs as he was spinning me. He put me down and kissed my cheek. "Same old Jakey bear huh?" i said still laughing. I walked over to jinxx who just casually hugged me. I loved his hugs but not as much as.. "CC BOO!!!" I yelled running into CC's arms wrapping my legs around his waist hugging him for forever. I always loved his hugs. "CORI BOO!!" He yelled just as i jumped on him. All the others were laughing. "CC boo and Cori boo? How cute!!" Jake said laughing his soon to be sorry little ass off. "Hmm.. What was that jake?" i said glaring at jake playfully. "I said, How cute!" "Mhmm well jakey bear, say that again, and ill knock your sorry ass on the ground" I smiled and said, "Luv yew jakey bear!" and then kissed his cheek and ran to Andy. Andy was sitting right across from Ashely. "Look Cori I'm So-" Ashley started to say but i cut him off. "Dont you fucking DARE saying sorry to me Purdy!! You have no idea how bad i want to fucking puch your sorry little ass right in the god damn face! Thanks to you, my bestfriend fucking hates m! I hope your happy with yourself because i just lost my closest fucking friend in this city because of you. Fuck you Purdy!" and with that i flipped him and quickly hugged CC again before grabbing Andy and getting our asses out of here. I took him out front so we could talk alone for a bit. "Andy, I want alone time." I said pouting. He looked at me and smiled. "Baby dont worry i have an idea" he kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand. We went inside again and i just stood at the front door and he put an angry, but still sexy, face on. "Dudes listen. Me and Cori are going to go in the bus. We want alone time! Im locking/covering the windows and the door so dont bother us. If you do, i will hold you down and let Cori beat the living shit out of you. Kay? good." then he walked back to be, kissed me, grabbed my hand, and we walked to the tour bus. I sat down on the couch while Andy dealt with the windows and the door. 5 minutes later Andy was finally finished and he came back out into the living room. I stood up and pushed him down on the couch. When he was sitting i just sat on his lap wrapping my arms around his neck with his arms around my waist. "So Mr. Batman, what are we gunna do in here all night?" i said biting his neck playfully. "Well Princess, why dont we start by watching a movie?" he said kissing my nose. "Sure," i said smiling "Which one though?" he just smiled and he didnt even have to answer before i was pulling out the batman movies. "Pick one." I said laughing at his face. His face lit up like a little kid in a giant candy store for the first time. It was so cute. He pointed to one and i put it in. He kissed my neck making me jump a little because i wasnt expecting it, and because his lip ring was cold. In the middle of the movie i got a text from CC boo.

Having fun in there ;) -CC Boo :)

Maybe just a little ;) -Cori Boo :)

WHOA! Didnt need to know that much hunniie O.O -CC Boo :)

Aww i was just kidding sweetiie! Were just watching a batman movie :) -Cori Boo :)

Uh ohh be careful ;) -CC Boo :)

LOL Why?? O.o -Cori Boo :)

Cuz when tht boy watches a batman movie or show with a girl he likes or loves he likes to get a little, 'excited' after like, 20 minutes LOL ;) -CC Boo :)

OH GOD Christian! Your Lying!! -Cori Boo :)

No He's not! -Jakey Bear :3

nope! -jinxxisawesome ;)

Okay im going to enjoy the movie now bye!! -Cori Boo :)

I Threw my phone on the table and just cuddled up to Andy. He looked like he was starting to fall asleep so i bit his ear playfully and i swear i heard a small but audible moan escape his lips. "Found my weak spot already?" he said chuckling. "Clearly!" i said doing it again. The moan was louder this time and i laughed. "Oh shush you probably have a weak spot too!" he said with a pouty face. "Wanna bet? Try me." he just looked at me with a sexy look i just stood there. He tried my neck. Nope. Ear? Nope. Jaw? Nope. Fuck. Collar bone.. He kissed my collar bone causing a small moan to escape my lips. "Ha! Told you!" he said kissing my cheek. I turned around to face him and jumped on him. I wrapped my legs arund his waist and he was holding me up. I started kissing him. I tangled my fingers in his soft, black hair playing with it at the same time. He pushed me up against one of the walls of the bus. I pulled away only to say, "Bedroom?" he simply nodded and we walked, well he walked he was carrying me, into the back bedroom and instantly we were on the bed in the same position as we were when we were standing up.

(I'm going to skip all that cause nobody needs description. Use your imaginations as to what happened LOL)

I woke up the next morning to see mine and Andys clothes scattered around the room. I quicky got all my clothes, got dressed, and woke up Andy. He woke up, smiled, kissed me, and i said, "Get dressed ill meet you out in the front room." i walked out and realized i left my phone out here last night. I had 7 unread texts. 6 of them either sayin, 'quiet down we can hear you out here' or 'keep it down in there tryin to sleep.' But one was from, unfortunately, Ashley. Saying,

'Moo-Moo im really sorry. I Can't sleep at all and its 4am! I miss your hugs and i miss hearing you say Lee-Lee all the time. I used to be the one you would jump on even before CC. I took the picture off twitter and posted a tweet you can see it latr. Plz forgive me. I miss you Moo-Moo :'('

I dont know.... I checked the tweet first.

@Ashley_Purdy101 To all people who saw that picture, turns out i was just a dare from @JakeBVB and i wasnt them dating. My apologies for jumping to conclusions. Luv yew Moo-Moo :)

Maybe.. Just maybe I should forgive him. Wait, Why is andy taking so long? I walked into the room to see him fully dressed but frozen facing the room. "Andy?" nothing. "ANDY?" Still nothing. "ANDY! Whats going on?!" he didnt move still. "We didnt...."


A/N - Muahaha semi cliff hanger! gotta go so ending chapter. hope you guise like it ! Bye lovelies :) :*


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