You let me go, now I'm lovesick.


2. Telling My Story




         "So, are you going to tell me the whole story?" My roommate/bestfriend, Emily asked me. "I don't really kn-" I began. "JUST TELL ME!" "Ugh fine."



         9:00am Sunday June 13, 2011



                  I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I sat up and looked at it. It read: CALL FROM (I'm not going to say just yet. You have to find out later).  "Yellow." "YO!" "Whaddaya want? You woke me up." I told him. "I just wanted to talk to someone I guess." "So you chose me... Out of EVERYONE else out there. You chose me. YOU KNOW HOW CRANKY I GET WHEN I'M TIRED!" "Ok, sorry. Do you want to go back to bed?" "YES THANK YOU BYE!" I hung up and fell back asleep.



          "Get to the part where he breaks you." "Uhh well... FINE!"




         10:00pm Sunday June 13, 2011 and don't worry. You'll find out who it is soon.



                      I decided to get out and take a long walk around. I put on flip flops and exited the house. I walked to get icecream. "May I help you?" The lady asked me. "I'll have a double scoop of Charle Brownie." I told her. I took out $5 and handed it to her. She gave me the icecream and I thanked her. I grabbed napkins and left. I decided to walk on the beach instaed of the boardwalk. I started to walk when I saw something. I decided to walk closer. "Harry, you're a great kisser. Then I heard a voice i never expected. "Thanks. You're not to bad yourself." Yeah it's him. I dropped my icecream and stood there in shock. My mouth hung open and my arms slung at my sides. "Rachel?" He asked sounding guilty. "Just don't talk to me. Ever." I said and ran off. Tears strem down my face as I ran to my lonely house. I got icecream from the freezer and watched sad movies the rest of the night. He tried knocking on the door several times. He called at least 50 times. I had a billion text messages. I didn't answer any of them. I sat and cried my eyes out all night.






              "Wow...." "Yeahh." "What a jerk." Yes he is. but I miss him like crazy. You know, I haven't seen him since. I mean in person. He's everywhere." "What do you mean." He's Harry Styles. From One Direction."I said pulling out a picture. She had the same expression I had when I saw him on the beach.                        

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