Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


9. Chapter 9

Sally quickly got the conditioner treatment going on Christina's hair while catching up with Jesy. They were talking about Jesy's hair. Jesy was explaining how she was thinking about just staying with the red color instead of doing something else.

Christina was just paying attention to all the things they were talking about. Sally was also telling Jesy about how her ten year old daughter won't stop playing the DNA album at the house.

Sally put Christina underneath the dryer and continued to talk to Jesy. Christina could no longer hear what they were saying but it felt like they were talking about her. Jesy kept looking over at Christina with a smile on her face.

"Heyyyyyy!" Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade came in through the door.

The other three girls were talking to Sally and the timer went off for Christina's hair. Sally came over and lifted the hair dryer from her head.

"I'm hungry," Jesy said. "Girls wanna order something?"

"Yeah! I want some pizza," Jade said.

"Can we get some wings too?" Leigh-Anne asked.

"Yeah, sound good Christina?" Jesy said.

Christina nodded as Sally ran her fingers through her hair. Sally was mumbling but Christina could catch a few of the words, "perfect", "I'm a genius", and "yes!".

The girls ordered two pizza and two dozen wings. Christina was shocked but guessed that they probably had high metabolisms because of singing and dancing all the time.

Christina continued to sit in the chair and have the pink bleached out of her hair. Sally was very precise and everything had to be done a certain way. Christina imagined doing this at home and thought it wouldn't take more than two hours at home but with Sally it was going to take longer.

The pizza and wings arrived within the hour. The delivery guy asked for a picture with the girls because he was a fan. Christina was happy to see guy mixers existed.

"Okay, another hour and we'll rinse out the rest of the bleach," Sally said taking off her gloves and walking back out into the front.

The girls were all sitting randomly throughout the salon. They were all laughing, eating and making jokes. Christina really felt like they were her friends. Today was one of those magical days.

Jesy grabbed the box of pizza and took it over to Christina.

"Take a slice," she whispered, "I know your hair is going to look amazing. Sally always knows what to do."

Jesy smiled and Christina took a slice. She started eating and was so thankful for food. Before she began eating she hadn't realized how hungry she was.

Jesy watched Christina eat and gave her a little wink. Christina was beginning to wish she could read Jesy's mind.

Another woman entered the salon carrying a metal box.

"Monica!" Leigh-Anne said jumping up and hugging the woman.

"Hello sugars!" Monica said to all the girls. "So tell me how you want your nails?"

Leigh-Anne was first to get her nails done and when she was all finished Sally came back in to rinse the bleach from Christina's hair. Monica was a perfectionist according to Perrie. So it was taking her awhile giving the girls their manicures and pedicures. 

Sally began painting in the blue to Christina's hair. After several minutes of painting Sally was finished and Christina had to sit for another hour and a half.

Jade was in the middle of her pedicure and Jesy was talking to Sally.

"So are you having fun?" Perrie asked Christina.

"So much! You girls have no idea how much fun this has been. I thank you so much."

"You're welcome, I think your hair is going to amazing!"

After the color had set long enough Sally began washing out Christina's hair and everyone's nails were done aside from hers and Jesy's. Jesy's nails were just being started.

Sally finished washing out the dye from Christina's hair and put in some special conditioner. She then rinsed Christina's hair once more and put her underneath the dryer again.

Christina's was beginning to be a little bored from sitting. But the girls all couldn't wait for the big reveal. Sally sent them all out of the salon so no one would get a sneak peek at her hair. Sally was going to style it a little bit and make sure that it looked amazing.

At last Christina's hair was finished and Sally called the girls back into the studio. Sally wouldn't let Christina look at her hair until after the girls approved.

The four of them ran in eagerly and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Christina.

"You guys hate it don't you?" she asked feeling a ton of nerves taking over her body.

"Wow," Jade and Leigh-Anne said in unison.

"You look so," Perrie couldn't finish.

"Beautiful," Jesy said like it was her last breath.

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