Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


8. Chapter 8

The girls spent another two hours roaming up and down the streets with bags from shopping. All the girls had purchased new outfits to go out tonight. The Little Mix girls were all buying something for Christina. Perrie bought the dress, since she found it. Leigh-Anne bough Christina a pair of black and blue wedge heels to match her dress. Jade bought Christina a black bow with little, blue hearts on it plus a blue heart necklace.

"Hey Christina," Jesy started as Christina looked at her. "We should get your hair done, maybe put some blue in it. Blue seems to be your color."

Christina smiled and the rest of the girls screamed, "YES!" from the dressing room. They were all trying on some more stuff just to see. Christina thought they would buy it anyway.

"It's only if you want, but it'll be what I get for you," Jesy winked at her.

"Yeah, if you think it would look good then I agree. Let's do it."

"Okay," Jesy's face was covered in her bright smile. "Girls! I'm going to run her by Sally's! Meet you over there!"

"Alright! We'll be over soon!" Perrie yelled from the dressing rooms.

Jesy grabbed Christina's hand which surprisingly felt amazing to Christina and pulled her along out the store.

"Sally's is just around the corner," Jesy said still holding onto Christina's hand.

"Okay," Christina said trying to figure out why she enjoyed this so much.

Sally's literally was just around the corner. They rounded the corner and it was the first place on the right. Jesy dropped Christina's hand which made her face drop a little. They walked in together and Jesy looked around.

"Hello, welcome to Sally's!" an over-enthusastic girl who was standing behind the front desk said. "Do you have an appointment?"

"No, is Sally here?" Jesy asked.

"Sally is with a client right now. Would you like to make an appointment?" the girl asked.

It was obvious the girl didn't know who Jesy was. This surprised Christina just a little considering Little Mix were becoming pretty big in the states.

"No," Jesy said smiling. "I'll wait forJ Sally to finish with her client. Can you go let her know that Jesy Nelson is her to see her."

"Sure," the girl said rolling her eyes and walking through a door. Christina guessed that it was the salon part of the building.

Jesy and Christina sat down on the white chairs placed so elegantly in the waiting room. Jesy got on her phone and began scrolling through something. Christina picked up a hair magazine only to drop it a second later when she heard a woman scream, "WHAT?!? Elena! Are you insane! You should have got me immediately!"

"She doesn't have an appointment though," Elena, the receptionist, said.

"She's Jesy Nelson! She doesn't need an appointment!"

"Oh," Elena said barely audible to the waiting room.

The door flew open and a tall woman with purple hair appeared, and this was Sally. Elena was right behind her with a cup of coffee. Elena looked annoyed by the whole ordeal.

"I'm so sorry dear," Sally said wrapping Jesy in a hug. "Elena is new."

"Oh, it's fine. I don't mind," she laughed.

"Elena, this is Jesy Nelson. She is in the girl group Little Mix," Sally said turning around. Elena's mouth flew open and she dropped the cup of coffee. "Silly girl, clean it up!"

Elena apologized continuously while cleaning up her mess.

"What can I do for today beautiful?" Sally asked running her fingers through Jesy's long, beautiful hair.

"It's not for me, it's for my new friend," she said winking at Christina. "This is Christina, we want to change the pink to electric blue for tonight."

Sally walked over to Christina, "Do you mind?" she asked pointing at her braided bun and she shook her head. Sally undid her hair and began examining it. "You have beautiful hair," Sally mumbled running her fingers through it.

"Thank you," Christina said with a smile.

"Did you dye it yourself?" Sally asked while Christina nodded. "I can tell, a little damage has been done to your hair. I can do it. It'll take about three hours, because I want to give her a conditioner treatment first. Don't want her hair to be brittle."

"Alright Sally, whatever it takes," Jesy said. "I'll be paying so don't worry about anything. Whatever she needs. Plus the rest of the girls will be here soon and we'll all be getting manicures and pedicures."

Christina smiled as Sally pulled her along through the door. She stopped and turned around, "Elena, dear. When the rest of the Little Mix girls get here send them on in, thank you."

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