Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


6. Chapter 6

Christina slowly opened the door wondering if she was dressed okay to meet them. She had on a blue Blondie tee, white skinny jeans, and black Converses with blue laces. Should she have dressed up more? Would this really be okay?

As she opened the door she heard the harmonizing of the four girls of Little Mix. They were singing Change Your Life which was one of her favorite songs of their DNA album.

Christina continued in through the studio until the singing was louder. She saw them all standing around looking through clothes.

Perrie was in light wash, denim shorts with a floral top. Her hair was in a sloppy bun and she had on flats. Leigh-Anna was in bright, yellow shorts, a white shirt, and she had on some sneakers. Jade was wearing a red dress that had white dots all over it. Jade had on white heels that actually looked comfortable and also had one of her big, white bows in her hair.

Christina looked over to see Jesy standing there. Jesy's hair was down and somewhere between a burnt red and faded red. She was wearing black, cut-off, denim shorts with a black band tee that Christina didn't know off the top of her head. Jesy was without shoes but had on black design socks.

"Oh hello there!" Jade yelled when she noticed Christina.

"Hi," Christina said sheepishly.

Christina knew that she would be nervous and had even prepared to be nervous. But now as she stood in front of Little Mix she could barely breath. She thought she was talking but as it turns out nothing was coming out of her mouth.

The girls introduced themselves to Christina with their British accents and Christina felt completely mesmerized by the sight of them. The girls were all so beautiful and each in their own way.

"I like your snake bites Christina," Jesy said as all the girls began walking closer to Christina.

"Thanks, it took my almost twenty minutes just to pick them out this morning," Christina confessed.

All the girls started laughing so Christina joined in too.

"So, we have a whole day planned for you," Jade said in her tiny, cute voice.

"Yeah, we all stayed up extra late trying to think of everything fun we could do today," Leigh-Anne confessed.

Christina was paying attention to all the girls as they were giving her the details of the day when she noticed that Jesy wasn't really talking. Yeah, Jesy was sometimes quiet when Christina had watched interviews with them but never this quiet. Aside from Jesy introducing herself and complimenting her snake bites she hadn't said anything.

'Jesy doesn't like me' Christina thought to herself as she smiled and laughed at all the right times.

"I think we are overwhelming her girls," Jesy said which made Christina pay attention.

"Sorry, sorry," Christina started. "I'm just still amazed that I'm here."

"We feel like that too sometimes," Perrie said looking at the girls. "Just think of us all as best friends and don't worry that we're famous. Sometimes we even forget."

All the girls nodded and agreed with Perrie. Christina took a deep breath and said, "Four normal girls hanging out with me, well that's even weirder than four celebrities hanging out with me."

Christina started laughing to ensure the girls that yes it was a joke.

"She's funny, I like her," Jesy said.

"So, what do you think we should do first Christina?" Jade asked.

"Well, you said something about going shopping. Who can say no to that?"

"Shopping it is then!" screamed Leigh-Anne.

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