Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


30. Chapter 28

The world just stood still for a split moment while Christina realized that indeed it was Jesy on the other end of the phone and this James guy was not just playing games with her. The relief she felt was unimaginable and there was no words that she could really say in the moment to express how she was feeling.

“Christina?” Jesy asked, beginning to worry that things had not gone according to the plan that was laid out only minutes ago.

“Yes, yes. I’m here,” Christina smiled, despite the pain she was in. “I just don’t know what to say.”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Okay, where are you?”

“She’s in the waiting room,” James rolled his eyes, noting that she did not listen to him urgent message in the beginning.

“You are in the waiting room?” Christina felt nervous, so nervous that she could be sick. “Why didn’t you just come back?”

“Your mom,” Jesy sighed. “She is, well she is just something.”

“I’m really sorry. I’ll ask a nurse to bring you back,” Christina said immediately pressing the nurse call button. “Don’t worry.”

The nurse came in shortly and Christina asked her to go get her friends who were waiting out there and the nurse complied.

“Well, looks like my work here is done. And here is my card,” James smiled. “Just in case you want to come by the salon sometime.”
“Thanks James.”

James left and suddenly Christina became even more nervous than when she was on the phone with Jesy. The reality was setting in that Jesy would be walking through the door in only a matter of minutes.

The feelings she felt when she kissed Jesy were unreal. She had no clue that those type of feelings for a girl could exist but then again she had always been told that being gay or anything like that was wrong. Her mother made all the rules and they were expected to be kept.

“Right in here,” she heard the nurse’s voice from right outside the door.

“Thank you,” she heard Jesy and another voice that she was pretty sure was Perrie but wasn’t one hundred percent about it being her voice.

A sigh of relief could be heard throughout the entire hospital as Jesy walked through the door and Christina sat up in her bed despite all the pain that she felt.

“Christina,” Jesy stated rushing over to her once she knew that this was real.

“Jesy, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have left and ow,” Christina laid back down holding her side.

“What’s wrong?” Perrie asked, reassuring the two girls that she was indeed still there.

“My appendix is enlarged. They are going to remove it tomorrow,” Christina said.

“Oh,” Perrie and Jesy said together not really knowing what they could said to news like that.

“Well sweetie don’t worry we will be here,” Perrie smiled, nudging Jesy to urge her to say something.

“Of course Christina,” Jesy said, grabbing her hand. “I’m not going anywhere unless you tell me to leave.”

Christina smiled, again through the pain because in that moment everything felt like it could be okay. Everything was not being controlled by someone else. The two of them were together because they wanted to be.

“What are you going to do?” Christina asked. Jesy just raise an eyebrow because she didn’t know what she was referring to. “About everyone knowing, they are calling you a lesbian. I don’t want to ruin your image,” she trailed off. Partly because the pain in her side and partly because she was about to cry.





Whoa, it's been awhile right? I'm sorry. I think I have a few more chapters in me. And potentially a sequel. I haven't 100% decided just yet so we shall see. 

Thanks for sticking around you cool people!

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