Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


28. Chapter 26

Jesy walked down to the waiting room with Perrie following close behind her. Her hands were sweaty and she felt such anger like she never had felt before.

“Sorry for losing it Perrie,” she quickly wiped away a tear that was forming in the corner of her eye. “I just. I really like Christina and her mom just pissed me off.”

“We’ll wait. Christina will tell us the entire truth,” Perrie smiled and grabbed Jesy’s hand. “I love you Jesy. You are like my sister and I will always have your back.”

“Thanks Perrie,” Jesy buried her face into her hands. “I am sorry that everything just got a little out of hand. It should not be this complicated.”

Perrie nodded and gave Jesy some time to think everything over. The two of them sat in the waiting room watching the clock spin round and round. Hours had passed and Perrie’s phone vibrated.

“It’s Zayn,” Perrie said looking up at Jesy. “I will be right back. Promise.”

Perrie left the small waiting area to have a little privacy with her fiancé. Jesy drew in a deep breath and looked up at the clock. They had been waiting for three hours and Jesy felt like Cindy was behind the long wait.

She knew that Christina had just got out of surgery but still. She should be allowed visitors by now. Jesy pushed herself out of the feeble chair she had spent three hours in and looked around to the nurses’ station where of course Cindy was standing.

 Jesy sighed knowing there was nothing she could do. She sat back down in the chair and closed her eyes. Christina was everything she ever wanted and more. She needed to give this a try because she had never felt completely comfortable with herself until she met her.

There was a little ding from the elevator and Jesy opened her eyes to see who is was. There was a man exiting with a small, black suitcase rolling behind him. He shimmied his way into the waiting room.

“Hello,” he piped as he took a seat on the other side of the room.

“Hi,” Jesy mumbled.

He began humming and Jesy was growing annoyed. She just hoped Perrie would hurry up and get back in here before she lost her cool.

“Wait! Wait a minute!” the guy from across the room started screaming. Jesy just stared at him, believing he was a bit mental. “You are Jesy Nelson! Oh my god! Am I right?”

“I am,” she stated, afraid after the two words had left her mouth of what she just admitted.

“Oh goodness! I’m James! I am a hair stylist and I fell in love with your hair when I saw you and the rest of the Little Mix girls on the cover of Seventeen!”

Jesy smiles, slightly relieved that he wasn’t some crazy guy, just a fan.

“I can’t believe you are here! Wow! Today is my lucky day. First I get a call to fix the District Attorney’s daughter’s hair and now I get to meet Jesy Nelson! Gosh, this is fantastic. Do you mind if we take a selfie?” James babbled pulling out his phone.

“Wait,” Jesy smirked. “You are here to fix Christina’s hair?”

“I believe that is her name,” he smiled.

“I’ll take a picture with you if you can do me a huge favor James,” Jesy smiled. “I need to talk to Christina but her mom is being a little bit of a bitch. Wanna help me out?”

“Of course. What can I do?”

“Tell her mom that you need to have peace while you do her hair. Then have her call me because I think her mom probably took away her phone or something. Can you do that?”

“I sure can,” James smiled proudly.

“Okay well let’s take that picture.”

Jesy took the picture with James then explained that he would have to act uninterested in her for when Cindy came around the corner. James acted like he didn’t recognize Jesy at all after they had taken the picture together.

Perrie came in and James wanted to freak out but Jesy mouthed later just in case Cindy was about to walk in.

It was about twenty minutes later when Cindy walked into the waiting room, rolled her eyes at Jesy and Perrie. Then she looked around the room until she had spotted James.  

“You must be James? You are late,” Cindy sounded annoyed.

“Actually, I have been here for over twenty minutes ma’am but I couldn’t get back there.”

“Whatever, come fix this tragedy that is my daughter’s hair.”

“Yes ma’am,” James followed her and winked at Jesy before leaving the waiting room.

After the two of them had left Perrie looked over at Jesy.

“What happened while I was gone?”

“You’ll see,” Jesy smirked. 

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