Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


27. Chapter 25

Jesy and Perrie walked straight up to the help desk. 

"Hello ladies, what can I do for you?" the small woman with a perfect bun asked. 

"Um yes," Jesy started. 

"We were wondering if Christina Flowers was out of surgery yet and if she was could we go up and visit her?" Perrie asked smiling. 

"I can check on that for you," the woman answered. 

She typed something into the desktop that was sitting right in front of her and proceeded with clicking her mouse a few times. 

"You did say Christina Flowers right?" the woman asked looking up at Perrie and Jesy. 

"Yes," Perrie was pulling out her phone just to confirm they were at the right hospital when a tall woman in a neat. white skirt-suit walked up to the desk. She placed her elbow on the edge of the desk. 

"Hello girls! Who are you?" she asked not bothering to introduce herself. 

"Hello miss," Perrie said turning to face her properly. She extended her hand, "I'm Perrie, and this is Jesy." 

The woman slowly extended her hand and shook Perrie's hand firmly. 

"Okay, Perrie and Jesy," she began. "I'm Cindy. May I ask why you are asking about my daughter?"

"Is there a problem ma'am?" the woman sitting behind the desk asked Cindy. 

"Not as long as these girls would like to explain themselves to me," Cindy answered in a harsh tone. 

"We are friends of Christina," Jesy answered taking a stand. 

"Wait a minute, I know who you are!" Cindy pointed a finger over at Jesy. "You are that whore!" 

Cindy's voice was raising by the word and the woman behind the desk seemed scared. A security guard came up to Cindy. 

"Ma'am, is there a problem here?" his eyes were fixated on Cindy. 

"This girl," she pointed at Jesy, "is stalking my daughter. She just got out of surgery and does not need the likes of her harassing her."

The security guard opened his mouth to make a statement but was soon cut off by Cindy. 

"I'm District Attorney Meadows," she cleared her throat, "my daughter Christina Flowers is being stalked by this Jesy girl."

"Ma'am," the security guard started and held up his hand before Cindy could start speaking again. "Has your daughter filed for any protection again this woman?"

"No, she just finished surgery for crying out loud!" 

"Okay well if your daughter approves for Jesy to see her then this is out of my hands," he cleared his throat. "But, if I hear anymore yelling or foul language I will have to escort you out. And I would hate to do that."

Cindy looked appalled at what the security guard had just informed her. She immediately turned to the woman at the desk. 

"Is she still restricted from visitors? I have someone coming in half an hour to fix her hair finally," Cindy asked the woman at the desk. 

"It says she can have family visitors only," she turned to Perrie and Jesy. "I'm sorry ladies. There is a waiting room on her floor you can wait there. I will page the nurse's station to come find you when she can have other visitors."

"That sounds good, what floor?" Perrie asked, smirking at Cindy. 

Cindy turned her nose up at the girls. She stomped away in her heels followed by constant clicks until she was out of the hearing range. 

"The sixth. You'll still need a visitors pass," the woman typed a few more things and clicked around for a bit. 

A tiny machine beside the computer started humming and soon spat out two stickers that would act as visitors passes. The woman smiled handing Perrie and Jesy their own passes. 

"Thank you," Perrie and Jesy said together taking the passes from the woman. 

Perrie and Jesy peeled off the back off the stickers. They stuck them onto their shirts and headed toward the elevator. The two of them thought they had gotten rid of Cindy but she was standing in front of the choice of three elevators. 

The button was already highlighted and the three women stood in front of the elevators. Perrie shifted toward Jesy turning her back ever so slightly to Cindy. 

"Jesy, my dear," the Southern Belle accent was thick. "You really think my daughter is going to give up everything she has here for you?"

Perrie held up a hand to Jesy and whispered, "do not stoop to her level. Ignore her at all costs."

Jesy knew that Perrie was thinking in the correct mindset but she couldn't help but wonder what Cindy was talking about. Jesy drew in a deep breathe, trying to brush off the fact that Cindy just wanted her out of Christina's life; she was making it pretty damn clear. 

"Her job will not allow her to have a girlfriend. Oh I wonder what her church friends will think," Cindy smirked at the girls at an elevator reached the first floor. 

The couple slowly exited the elevator and the three women entered. The space of the elevator could not be any smaller. Jesy wished someone else would need to ride along with them but of course no one else came. 

Perrie reached and pressed the button with the 6 on it allowing it to glow. Perrie rubbed on Jesy's arm reminding her that she was there and that she would always be there. 

"And Jesy," Cindy cleared her throat. "Did she tell you about her finacé yet? I guess I will have to start sending out wedding cancellations."

Cindy began to laugh. Jesy was trying to brush off all of her words but with the laughter echoing off of the elevator walls and all around her. 

"That's enough!" Jesy yelled as a tiny bell ding as the elevator doors departed from each other. "You think I am falling for your act? Think again. I may not know everything about your daughter but I know enough to know that you are lying."

Perrie grabbed Jesy's shoulder, "Jesy, calm down."

"No Perrie!" she yelled stepping out of the elevator. "You are pathetic. Rather than allowing your daughter to be happy you want her to mirror your image. Guess what you are not anyone that I would want to be like. You are a terrible person and I only just met you."

Cindy's jaw appeared to be getting closer to the ground by the second. She stepped out of the elevator ready for a fight though. 

"You are a desperate whore. You cannot find anyone famous to please you so you want after someone vulnerable," she took a step closer to Jesy, getting right into her face. CIndy lowered her voice to a bare whisper, "Stay away from my daughter or I will be sure to drown your career with a lawsuit stating you tried to force yourself upon her."

Cindy smirked and walked away, her heels still clicking. Perrie went to touch Jesy but she shrugged her off. 

Jesy stood there motionless. She wished she knew what she could do at this moment. There were only two options. 

Option A: Walk down the hallway and sit in the waiting room. Wait until Christina could make up her own mind. And possibly face a lawsuit by a pathetic mother who would not allow her daughter to be happy if it jeopardizing her career and public image.

Option B: Get back onto the elevator and never look back. Go on with her career and go back to being unhappy, straight Jesy. Never truly let anyone know what her feelings were deep down inside until after Little Mix was over. 

Jesy had about ten seconds to decide before Perrie would try to alter her decision with her expert advice. 

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