Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


26. Chapter 24

The girls were finished packing and figuring out the plane schedules in a matter of an hour. Everyone was nervous that maybe there would not be any available tickets. 

"Darn," Perrie said after looking for half an hour nonstop. 

"What is it Perrie?" Jade asked. 

"The best I can do is two tickets for tonight and two for tomorrow afternoon," Perrie avoided Jesy's eyes even though she knew that this was not her fault. 

Leigh-Anne put her hand on Jesy's shoulder while Jade laid her head onto her other shoulder. 

"Perrie should go with you," Leigh-Anne announced. "Jade and I will get on the flight tomorrow. Buy them now Perrie!"

"No girls!" Jesy screamed. "I need all of you."

"Look," Leigh-Anne put her hands on Jesy's face. "You need to go and make things right with her. Right now. Love doesn't always happen, so go!"

"Are you," the girls cut Jesy off. 

"We are leaving in twenty Jesy!" Perrie yelled. "Just purchased out tickets! Get ready now!"

Jesy was taken aback by how much her friends seemed to care about her. She felt terrible for making them cancel all their plans. 

"But Perrie," Jesy started and gave a look that meant do not interrupt me. "I know you and Zayn are suppose to meet up tomorrow night."

"It doesn't matter, he will understand. We have to go get your girl."

Jesy smiled even though she felt horrible about the whole thing but the only good thing about all of this was that she would be able to see Christina. 

Christina's beautiful face had not left Jesy's mind for one moment since they were broken apart. Jesy had never felt like this toward anyone, not even her ex boyfriend she had been with for over a year. She knew that the girls were right and a love like this will only happen once. 

"Well come on then Perrie!" Jesy yelled as she waited by the door. 

"Coming!" Perrie said as Jade hugged her. 

Leigh-Anne ran over and gave Jesy a hug then Jade hugged Jesy while Leigh-Anne hugged Perrie. 

"Group hug girls!" Jade smiled as the girls came together in a tight, group hug. 

"We will see you girls tomorrow night," Perrie said as Jesy opened the door. 

"Bye lovelies!" Leigh-Anne and Jade yelled as Perrie and Jesy set off to Christina. 


"I am almost certain she should be out of surgery now," Perrie said grabbing her bag from the overhead compartment on the plant. 

"Hopefully we can get a taxi to the hospital," Jesy said grabbing her bag. "You have all the information right?" 

"Yes Jesy. Calm down."

The two girls slowly exited the plane and made their way through the airport. After getting lost for about ten minutes they finally found the drop off area where they could hail a taxi. 

After twenty minutes of standing, and the beginning of a rain storm starting, the two girls finally got a taxi. 

Shivering Perrie repeated the name of the hospital that had been given to her from Christina. Jesy sat there shaking, getting nervous. 

"It's going to be okay Jesy," Perrie grabbed her hand to help her realize that everything was going to be okay. 

"I'm just nervous," Jesy mumbled. 

The taxi ride should have been short but because it was getting close to rush hour they got stuck in traffic. The taxi driver yelled a few times and cursed under his breathe. 

"Would you ladies like to listen to music? It helps me relax," he asked even though he was already fumbling with the radio. 

"It's not bother," Perrie said. 

"Why are two British girls even here? Not a lot of foreigners come around here," the taxi driver said in his deep, southern accent. 

Perrie and Jesy exchanged looks wondering if it was an insult because it came across like one. 

"We are going to visit our friend who is in the hospital," Jesy said with a bit of attitude. 

"Oh alright," the driver clearly did not want to talk anymore as he turned up the volume on the radio. 

A Justin Bieber song came through the speakers as Perrie whispered for Jesy to calm down. They did not want to draw any attention to themselves as they were not suppose to be here according to management.

Again everyone that was Justin Bieber with As Long As You Love Me. Now I have been getting request after request for this song. I figured it was time to play this song for you over demanding people. I'm kidding I love you guys and I love this song. So here is Wings by Little Mix!

Jesy and Perrie smiled a little as the driver started to hum along with their song. 

"My daughter loves these girls," he started talking to the girls in the backseat again. "I would never admit it to her but their songs are really good. I have to go buy her the album soon."

Jesy and Perrie exchanged looks. 

"I just hope it is not sold out like the One Direction album was and their concert tickets. I hope that this girl group doesn't become as big as One Direction. I know it is selfish to say but I just want to be able to afford tickets and not have to worry about disappointing my little girl," the driver quickly wiped away a tear. 

Jesy grabbed her purse from the floor. 

"What is your daughter's name?" Jesy asked and Perrie nodded. 

"Jackie, why do you ask?" he raised his eyebrow seeming concerned. 

"Well," Jesy took in a deep breathe. "I'm Jesy Nelson."

"And I'm Perrie Edwards. We are two of the four girls from Little Mix."

The driver slammed on the brakes almost causing an accident. 

"What? Are you girls playing a joke on me?"

After making sure they were both okay they both answered no. 

"I have a copy of our album right here. I was going to sign it for her and I am sure that Perrie would love to sign it too," Jesy said.

"Thank you girls. Thank you so much!" he screamed and started fumbling in the passenger seat for something. "Would you mind calling her please? She will never believe me if I show up with a signed CD."

Perrie looked over at Jesy who was signed the album to Jackie. 

"We could do that," Perrie answered taking the phone that was now already calling the driver's daughter. 

Jesy just finished signing the cover of the album when the daughter answered the phone. 

"Dad I promise I am fine! Can you please not call every hour just to check in!" she screamed and Perrie looked shocked. 

"Oh dear, I am sorry I am not your father," Perrie said. 

"Neither am I!" Jesy yelled. 

"Who is this?" she asked sounding nervous. 

"Well I am Perrie Ed-," but Perrie was soon cut off by a loud scream, followed by continuing Oh-My-Gods. 

Jesy laughed and began to introduce herself over the phone. 

"And I am Jesy," Jesy didn't even attempt to say her last name. 

"I swear I am your biggest fan! I am really!" the girl yelled through the phone. "I cannot believe you are calling me! How are you calling me?"

"We are sitting in the back of your dad's taxi," Perrie smiled, loving the fact she could talk to a fan.

"Wings came on the radio and he told us how much you love our music. We wanted to give you a ring," Jesy smiled. 

"But we are pulling up to our destination now lovely," Perrie said. "I'm going to finish signing the album for you."

"Your dad will give it to you when he gets home. Love you little mixer," Jesy said before hanging up the phone. 

Perrie quickly scribbled a signature and a message on the back of the album casing while Jesy handed the driver back his phone. 

"Thank you girls so much. I know you just made her life," the driver now looked really happy. 

"It is no problem. We love talking to our fans," Perrie smiled handing him the album. 

"And the trip is free. I could not accept money after you girls just signed this and called her," he was beginning to get a tad choked up. 

Perrie continued to pull out the money for taxi ride and also pulled out two tickets for their concert in a nearby city. The two tickets were suppose to go to Christina but Perrie knew that Jesy wouldn't mind if they were given to the daughter of the driver. 

"Here, please."

"I cannot," he started. "Wait what is this?" he asked picking up the tickets. 

"Take her to see our concert next month. I wish we had a backstage pass," Jesy stated looking over at Perrie. 

"Or even One Direction tickets to give to her," Perrie joked. 

"But please take them. She deserves them," Jesy smiled. 

The driver continued to thank the two girls as they climbed out of the taxi grabbing their bags. The girls waved as he pulled away. 

They turned and faced the front entrance of the hospital and drew in a deep breathe. 

"Are you ready lovely?" Perrie asked grabbing Jesy's hand. 

"I guess I have to be, right?" Jesy looked straight ahead. 

"You can do this," Perrie said squeezing her hand. 

The two of them started into the hospital, holding hands, and knowing that they were truly best friends. 

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