Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


25. Chapter 23

"Jesy!" Leigh-Anne called from the computer. "Get in here!" 

Jesy ran from across the hotel room to where Leigh-Anne was sitting, nearly pushing Jade over in the process. By the time she reached Leigh-Anne her adrenaline was pumping and she could barely read the message that was pulled up on the screen. 

"She's in the hospital," Leigh-Anne started and Jesy's face went white. "Jesy, whoa. Girls!" Leigh-Anne barely caught Jesy as her knees gave way and her body swayed toward the floor. 

"What happened?" Perrie screamed seeing Leigh-Anne hold Jesy who was slowly coming back to them. 

"I just read her the message. I didn't think she would faint," Leigh-Anne's voice was frantic in the mix of everything. 

"Let's move her to the bed," Jade suggested helping Leigh-Anne lift Jesy up. 

While Jade and Leigh-Anne moved Jesy to the bed Perrie quickly read the message. Perrie was shocked feeling like something was going horribly wrong and someone else happened to have Christina's phone. 

"Jesy are you okay?" Leigh-Anne whispered as Jesy blinked a few times. 

"I'm, I'm okay," Jesy nodded looking around the room. She couldn't remember how she got into the other room but remembered what had just been told to her about Christina. 

Before Jesy could even ask Perrie cut her off, "Don't Jesy. I will handle it."

Jesy nodded. Jade left the room to get a glass of water for Jesy. 

Perrie typed quickly seeing that the message had not long been sent. She hoped that Christina would see the message soon. 

Christina, please tell me you are actually okay. Jesy is worried sick about you. 

xx Perrie

Perrie quickly hit send and realized she didn't say half of what she needed to say. 

Please contact us. We can be on a plane tonight to come see you. Jesy needs this. 

She hit send once again and drew in a deep breathe. Everyone's nerves were wrecked. 

"I'm sorry girls," Jesy whined. "I do not mean for you all to worry about me."

"Jesy, we love you," Leigh-Anne started. 

"We will always love you. Do not worry, we like to worry about you," Perrie joked. 

A little ping followed by a flash happened on the computer. The girls released a collective sigh before they burst into laughter. 

Perrie took the job of finding out if their sigh was really necessary or not. She walked slowly over to the computer, scared to death that it wasn't from Christina. Or even worse, it was and the situation at hand was far worse than she had led on to begin with. 

I'm fine Perrie. My appendix is being removed in a few hours but other than that I am fine. 

The message was simple, quick. Perrie read it back to the girls. Again a sigh of relief was overtaken by the girls. 

I would love for you to come see me, I really need to talk to Jesy. 

Perrie jumped when the message came through. 

"I wasn't expecting another one," Perrie said with her hand on her chest from shock. 

Once again she read the message and the next message was followed with the hospital information. 

"She said there is no hurry because they will not let us see her until tomorrow anyone," Perrie said even though Jesy was ready to leave right then. 

"We should go ahead and leave though," Jesy said. "We need to be there as soon as possible."

Jesy ran to start gathering her belongings from the hotel room. The other three girls stood there and exchanged looks. 

"Is this really a good idea?" Jade asked the other girls. "I mean, I am happy that Christina could allow her to accept who she really is but is this not too fast?"

"Sometimes you just know," Perrie sighed. 

"I agree with Perrie. We have to support her though Jade, but I understand the concern. I really do," Leigh-Anne spoke softly scared that Jesy would overhear. 

"Well let's go get her girl!" Perrie screamed shooing the girls to go start packing. 

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