Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


22. Chapter 20

White walls, bright lights, and the smell of disinfectant soon greeted Christina as her eyes slowly peeled open. A few blinks were passed before she could even hold them open correctly. Her mind was slowly turning on after almost a day of being tuned out of anything that was normal. The strong smell of the disinfectant was soon matched with bleach and plastic. Immediately Christina realized where she was.

A hospital.

As she tried to sit up she could feel the an awkwardness in her left arm. Looking over and realizing that there was an IV hooked up to her pumping fluids slowly. The machine had a steady beat that was slightly relaxing.

Christina had no idea where she was or how she got here. The hours prior to her arriving were gone now and she couldn't seem to place anything. Honestly, she wondered if she was still in California.

Blinking a few more times to confirm she was awake and not simply stuck in a dream Christina coughed realizing her mouth was as dry as cotton. Attempting to swallow only made her cough again and quickly she allowed her eyes to run across the side of the bed for a nurse call button. Once the button had been found it was awkward for her to take her right hand and press it on the left side but she feared she would rip out her IV like she did when she was twelve.

"Yes, how may I help you?" a small voice came through the speaker located on the side of her bed.

"Can I have some water?" she coughed out weakly.

"Is that all?" the small voice sounded annoyed and instantly Christina knew she was in her home state. The nurses always sounded bothered by a simple request.

"And could you page my doctor please?" her weak voice died out in the middle of please and the small voice coming from the speakers made a simple mhmm before ending their short conversation.

Christina closed her eyes again feeling pain in her stomach. Slowly, she lifted up the sheet realizing she was now in the off-white, blue polka dot covered hospital gown and warm, fuzzy socks. She threw the blanket back over body because it was warm on her stomach.

Her stomach was in knots and felt like she had not eaten in days. Her mind was as blank as a piece of paper on how she got here or why she was here. A million thoughts ran through her mind but then a very important question rose up in her mind.

Where was Jesy?

"Oh don't worry dear! I can take that to her!" the extreme Southern Belle voice made Christina sit up in her bed causing even more pain to shoot through her stomach.

Within a few seconds the clicks of the stiletto heels were walking over the bare white tile floors and there stood the last person in the world Christina wanted to see right now. The woman wore a neatly ironed pink blouse and white pants pressed to perfection.

"Hi mom," Christina mumbled laying back down wishing this was only a dream. Closing her eyes knowing that she was about to get an earful just by the way her mother walked.

Cindy, her mother, had three walks for different occasion. The sass walk was the most common and how she presented herself most times. The runway walk where she would pretend the path she was walking on was a runway. Cindy had won Miss Teen Virginia when she was younger and she still held onto the prize possession of it acting like it was her greatest achievement. The third walk was her angry walk and usually she only used it walking out of the court room when she had not won a case. Cindy was now assistant District Attorney for the city they lived in.

Cindy only wanted Christina to be exactly like her. Nothing but the best and when Christina chose to start dying her hair junior year of high school her mother called her a down right embarrassment to the family name. Christina just wanted to laugh at her mother simply because her mother had never taken her father's last name.

Daniel, her father, begged multiple times for Cindy to change her last name or even hyphenate it but she always refused. When Christina was born her father had to fight for Christina to receive his last name. When she was nine he wanted to divorce her mother because nothing he ever did met up to her perfect standards.

Daniel wanted to take Christina along with him but of course Cindy paid for the best and accused Daniel of being abusive to both her and Christina so he was forced out of their lives. Even though Christina had been kept away from the epic court battle she still held a grudge against her mother.

"Hello dear," her mother set the white Styrofoam cup down on the table next to Christina. "So what in the world were you thinking?"

"What ever do you mean?" Christina tried her best not to wince at the pain that rose in her stomach every time she talked.

"This!" she through a newspaper at Christina and it landed right in her lap. Letting out a grunt of pain her mother didn't even take notice before she started talking again.

"Do you enjoy embarrassing me? You know I plan on running for Senate next year! This certainly will not help."

The newspaper was thick and quite heavy. Front page there was a picture of Christina and Jesy kissing in the club. Even though the picture was dark, faded, and spotty due to the lack of experience cameraman you could make out Jesy. The only thing you could really see of Christina was the hair and her wrist was showing the bright orange tattoo she possessed.

"Gerald," her mother's snobby assistant, "called this morning telling me he saw your picture plastered all over the internet. Everyone is trying to figure out the mystery lesbian lover of this Jesy Nelson. Who by the way can not be too famous if I had to Google her."

"Mom," Christina attempted to speak but her mother help up her hand signalling it would be wise for Christina to stop talking.

"Gerald said he was certain it was you but not one hundred percent sure because the last time he saw you your hair was pink! This girl had blue hair!" the Southern Belle charm was quickly fading out of Cindy's voice as the angry, Southern woman came out. "I assured him that my daughter did not have blue hair! There was no way! Because I remember the long conversation I had with my daughter before she went off to college. Simple and light colors I could tolerate but if she went extreme she would be cut off!"

"And of course I had to be certain though. Gerald sent me multiple links with your picture exploited it! Do you know how much this is going to cost to cover up?"

Gerald had never been Christina's favorite person but now she hated him more than ever. There was no way that this news was that big. What in the world was a middle aged man doing looking up celebrity news anyway?

"My daughter will not be a lesbian! And my daughter will not be this girl in this picture! I hired a stylist he'll be here within the hour to do your hair in a different fashion," her mother was all business when it came to what she wanted. "And Steven said he could cover up your tattoo. We've already deactivated your Facebook account."

Christina felt her head begin to throb with all this information her mother was presenting to her. Did her mother really believe that someone would connect the two of them? Christina had moved out when she was seventeen and had a different last name. They had no true connection unless someone from around here wanted to out them.

"You will be in the clear sugar," Christina rolled her eyes at her mother acting like their relationship was in a good condition. "Even if this Jesy Nelson wants to accuse you of being the girl in the picture. I won't let one drunken night for you define you."

"Shut up mom!" Christina couldn't take it anymore. She was twenty years old and was not about to let her mother control her life anymore.

There was a faint knock on the door before it opened slowly revealing a young, Asian woman wearing a long white coat. Christina assumed it was her doctor.

"Am I interrupting?" the woman asked.

"No," Christina answered immediately before Cindy could get a word in.

"Hello Christina. Nice to see that you are awake finally. I'm Doctor Xang."

"Can you just tell us what is wrong with her and why she has been unconscious for nearly twenty-six hours?" Cindy had barely let the doctor finish introducing herself before she jumped in.

"Well, Christina. You were dehydrated but not to the point where you would pass out. The taxi driver that brought you in said you vomited twice on the side of the road before he was able to get you back into his car to bring you to the hospital. The vomit was due to your body being in shock."

"The taxi driver also told us that he picked you up from the airport. Was this your first time on a plane?"

"Um? Where in the world were you?" Cindy interjected grabbing Christina's wrist.

"Miss, I'm going to have to ask you to leave while I talk to your daughter about her condition."

Cindy gave Doctor Xang a look that Christina knew was her "What the hell do you think you are talking about?" look.

"Unless you would like me to call security to escort you out," Doctor Xang raised an eyebrow. "And I don't think it would be good for the District Attorney to be escorted out of a hospital do you?"

Cindy was appalled by the statement Doctor Xang had made but chose to stick up her nose and walk out of the room.

"I'm really sorry about her," Christina nearly whispered because the pain in her stomach was unbearable at this point.

"It's not your fault but I overheard a lot of the conversation. There is a group that meets every Wednesday night in the chapel to discuss the feelings you were experiencing. A lot of the people have not come out to their family or friends. It may help."

Christina nodded as Doctor Xang took out a thick stack of papers that was folded in her white coat pocket.

"Our initial thought was that you were not from around here and maybe you just went into shock. Afterwards we ran a few tests and found out you were dehydrated as I said before. Also, we found that your appendix is enlarged and could rupture soon. We estimate anywhere from one week to a month."

"Our plan was to remove your appendix this morning but then we needed the surgery room for an emergency. Now that you are awake we can receive your consent in the matter and not have to worry about any regulations being broken. We can do the procedure tomorrow morning if you would like."

Christina felt her face go ghost white from the news. A surgery was not on her to do list. Being the overly nervous person she was it didn't seem ideal to have a surgery.

"The sooner the better. Our estimate could be wrong about the rupture and it could rupture tomorrow afternoon. That will be a more serious surgery too. I'm not trying to scare you but it would make things a lot easier for you and your surgery team if you agreed to do it tomorrow morning."

"As long as it is necessary," Christina mumbled.

"Alright, a nurse will be in shortly to read over the paperwork and I'll be back later tonight to check in on you again."

Doctor Xang went to leave the room but turned around and walked back over to Christina's bedside.

"Also, if you do not want your mother here with you I can tell security and she will not be allowed in the room with you. You are a legal adult and can make that decision."

"I'll let you know if she needs to leave," Christina said thinking about everything.

Doctor Xang nodded and exited the room leaving Christina with a million thoughts and questions.

Was it wrong that the only person she wanted to talk to was Jesy?

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