Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


21. Chapter 19

Christina grabbed her bag from the over head compartment and took in a deep breathe. In the last twenty-four hours her life had taken a drastic change. She'd changed her entire look, well just her hair, and met someone amazing. The only thing though is that the amazing person was famous. Oh, and not to mention a girl who is straight to the community. 

A million thoughts were running through her mind at an extreme pace. Thousands of questions nagging at her conscience. 

Did she really like me?

Did I hurt her by just leaving? 

Will she care?

What did I do?

Do I care about her?

The questions were burning in her mind. She wanted answers but she knew the only real way to get these answers would be to talk to her. That was no where in sight since she returned to the east coast. It wasn't like Jesy would chase after her. 

Would she?

Christina knew that Little Mix had four more shows on the west coast before they would be returning to the UK to do a festival. There was no way that Jesy would ruin the tour just to chase after someone she knew less than a day. There was no way she would risk her entire career to run away something similar to a fairy tale. 

Yeah, fairy tales may seem to have happy endings but this was real life. It wasn't a fairy tale and Christina wasn't going to turn into a princess. This was all things she knew. 

There was one question that wouldn't stop popping into Christina's mind, no matter how many times she tried to ignore it.

If she didn't care why did she confide in me about her biggest secret?

The biggest secret being her true sexuality. Her mind was trying to convince her that Jesy had to care. That's the only reason she would have. 

'I could ruin her by starting the rumor she hooked up with me,' Christina thought. 

She sank down into the backseat of the cab that was now driving her home. Her phone had died while she was waiting for her plane to board in Chicago, lovely layovers. So she sat there looking out the window. 

The taxi driver had the radio on, but it was a low mumble. Christina focused on the radio trying to figure out what was playing. After a few seconds the beat faded and a woman announcer was repeating the song title.

"Do you mind turning that up?" Christina asked, assuming it was just some local all genres station. 

So have you guys heard the news? Well, if not let me tell you the latest gossip going around!

The woman sounded very enthused that her life revolved around looking up articles to report over the radio. Christina wondered just how many people were listening to this station. 

You all know how we just love our Brits right? We got One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Olly Murs, and the lovely Little Mix ladies. Well, myself never would have thought that Little Mix liked to mix things up. 

Christina sat upright immediately. She knew immediately what this was about. 

Little Mix held a contest for one lucky fan to spend the day with them. Who knew they were really recruiting a girlfriend for their own Jesy Nelson!

"That's not true!" Christina yelled and the driver rolled his eyes. 

That's right everyone! Jesy Nelson kissed a girl. Maybe she can go see Katy Perry, cuz maybe she'll like it. 

Christina was baffled at how the news had already made it to the east coast. And how the radio host was acting like she knew everything. It was 9 AM (EST) and everyone was already talking about what had happened last night. There was six hours that it had to travel over to the east coast, and this was spreading like wildfire.

I have the pictures up on the website now for you guys. The Little Mix ladies couldn't be bothered to comment last night once they were leaving the club. So my only question is who is the lovely girl with blue hair who got to make out with Jesy? We are all dying to know.

Christina was shaking her head. Annoyed. Angry. And upset. People were talking about Jesy like they knew her, all because they kissed. 

More thoughts were running through her head faster than before. She was feeling dizzy and sick. 

"Pull over please!" Christina yelled which caused the taxi driver to jerk the wheel. He slammed on the breaks and they were on the side of the road. 

Breathes were heavy, throat was burning, mouth was dry, and eyes were watery. 

"Ma'am? Are you okay?" the driver asked as Christina yanked the door open and ran out. 

She leaned across the guard rail and let everything go. Beady sweat was on the back of her neck and the entirety of her stomach was now running down a hill. The sight made her gag and purge again. Her chest felt heavy and her knees were weak. 

Sure she was collapsing Christina tightened her grip on the guard rail as the driver came up behind her to brace her. 

"Should I call for help?" his voice was shaky. 

Christina couldn't answer. The sight of her mishap was disappearing quickly with everything else. Her eyes were slowly falling shut while the driver's voice was echoing around her head. Nothing was making any sense at all. 

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