Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


20. Chapter 18

The girls walked inside of the building holding their manager. Nerves were rushing over them and becoming paranoid about every little thing.

"Come in girls," their manager said in a flat tone.

"What's going on Steve?" Perrie asked as all the girls sat down.

"I want to know what happened tonight, please. Help me help you girls," Steve said trying to hold back his obvious frustration.

"We took the contest winner to a club," Jade said looking over to the other girls.

"We didn't know we couldn't do that," Jesy snapped.

"Yeah, you said the whole day we were suppose to spend with her," Leigh-Anne piped in.

Steve was gripping the edge of the long table separating them with his overly, white knuckles. He was taking deep breathes trying to calm down but it didn't seem to be helping.

"Then where is she girls?" he gritted his teeth in frustration.

"We don't know, we were told to leave the club and come meet with you. We separated and now we have no idea where she is because of you," Jesy matched his frustrated tone.

"Jesy quit acting innocent!" Steve said flying out of his chair, throwing it against the wall. "I can't believe you want to make me look like the bad guy here!"

All the girls exchanged glances because they had never seen Steve this angry.

"My phone has been ringing since you got to the club! Apparently your fans think there will be a fifth Little Mix girl! I've been denying these rumors all night! Then oh then Jesy you just had to make things worse!"

"Stop yelling at her!" the three other girls snapped at Steve.

"I can't! She kissed a girl! The girl who won the freaking competition! So now it is going to be made out like we let thousands of other fans down because Jesy obviously had a relationship with this girl prior to the competition!"

"Stop it Steve!" Perrie said in a harsh tone that made all the girls look at her. They had never seen her this angry. "She didn't do anything wrong!"

"What do you mean she didn't do anything wrong? She probably just killed you girls' career here in America!" Steve flung himself back down into the rolling chair. "Girls look," his tone came down a few notches, "I'm really sorry. I just can't help you right now. You'll have to all make individual statements. And you'll have to say you have no opinion on gays."

"Why do we have to lie?" Jade asked.

"Do you want to be able to have this career? Then you have to have no opinion on these controversies. It's not lying," Steve was soon cut off.

"I'm not denying how I feel about a girl I just met," Jesy snapped again. "If that means our fans love us less well I'm sorry girls. I'm not going to keep pretending that I'm not who I am."

"We love you," Leigh-Anne started.

"We got your back Jesy," Jade said getting up and starting a group hug.

"No matter what Jesy, we always support you," Perrie said finishing up the group hug.

"Thanks girls," Jesy said behind tears.

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