Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


19. Chapter 17

"We have to find her!" Jesy yelled practically running out of the club and other Little Mix girls followed her.

"Jesy will you calm down?" Perrie called from behind her seeing paps across the street. "We don't need trouble right now," she said through a fake smile.

Jade and Leigh-Anne nodded following a few steps behind them. Jesy didn't care about the paps or anything else right now. The only thing she was focused on was finding Christina.

"Perrie we need to get to the airport! She's probably there!" Jesy said turning around to face the girls.

"Um girls," Jade mumbled as she saw the paps running toward them with their cameras.

"Let's go!" Leigh-Anne said taking Jade's hand and Perrie grabbed Jesy pulling her in the direction that their car was suppose to be.

Perrie pulled Jesy close and whispered in her ear, "I'm completely fine with all of this. I am truly but right now I don't want blogs blowing up in the morning over this. Please stay calm and I promise we will find her."

Jesy nodded knowing that Perrie was right. Yeah, she did have great feelings for Christina but the more important thing was keeping image. She didn't like playing puppet but sometimes it is what you have to do in order to succeed.

"I'm sorry Perrie," Jesy whispered back as the many cameramen snapped pictures of the girls walking to the car.

"Jesy! Over here!" one yelled.

"Perrie how's Zayn?" another yelled.

"Jade are you concerned about your boyfriend and the dancer he was seen with earlier?" one yelled.

All the girls kept smiles on their faces and continued to walk to the car. Another fifty feet and they would be there.

"Jesy! Jesy! Real quick! Is it true you kissed a girl?" a woman photographer yelled.

Jesy tensed up nervous about what she was suppose to say.

"Did you kiss a girl and like it?" another photographer yelled.

So many voiced and so many people were yelling Jesy was starting to feel overwhelmed. There wasn't anything she could do except keep her focus on the car that was waiting for them ahead.

"Stay calm," Perrie whispered to Jesy.

Leigh-Anne and Jade were at the car. They stepped in and Perrie and Jesy only had ten more feet but one of the paps jumped in front of them.

"Tell us about the kiss Jesy!" he demanded to know and kept asking.

Jesy looked at Perrie who nodded.

"Please move," Perrie said in a cool tone.

"Why isn't Jesy answering us?"
"Jesy lost her voice and we have a show tomorrow night. She's trying to rest it, now please move," Perrie adjusted her tone just enough to get her point across but then another obstacle crossed them.

Fifty screaming fans came running in their direction. They must have been waiting outside of the club for the girls to leave. Little Mix's body guard soon exited the car and pushed his way through screaming fans and paps. After a few moments he pulled Perrie and Jesy next to the car. He slammed the door behind him signalling to the driver to go.

"This is crazy!" Leigh-Anne yelled looking back at the mess that was happening behind him.

"So crazy, how did they know?" Jade asked peeking out the back window.

"I don't know," Jesy said looking for her phone.

"Maybe Christina already sold the story," Leigh-Anne remarked which made Perrie and Jade hit her at the same time. "What? I was just saying. That or someone else in the club saw you and decided to tell the paps. They don't have pictures yet though. That's good."

"Girls?" the driver, Dan called.

"Dan we're so sorry for the mess," Perrie apologized for all the girls.

"Can we please head to the nearest airport? We need to find the other girl who came with us?" Jesy pleaded.

"I'm sorry Miss Nelson," Dan started stopping at a red light. "I've been given orders to bring you to the studio immediately."

"What? Why?" all four girls said in unison.

"Appears your manager wants to know what happened tonight."

"But we have to find Christina!" Jesy yelled getting red in the face.

"Calm down Jesy, it's not his fault," Perrie began. "Dan, it's going to look bad if we lost a contest winner out her in the city. We really need to find her. Did you see her leave the club?"

"I did not Miss Edwards," Dan turned right and headed down the road. "I would love to help you look for her. Once I drop you girls off I'll head over there to look for her."

"Thank you so much Dan," Jesy said.

"Yes thank you Dan," Perrie agreed.

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