Mixing Up Love

Christina is an average girl who sees nothing special in herself. She enters a contest for a meet and greet with the girls of Little Mix. When she wins and gets to know a certain one what will happen?


13. Chapter 11

The girls finished getting ready a little past ten o'clock. Christina smiled when she looked in the mirror at herself. The blue dress looked even better now and the blue heels made her feel tall and confident. She decided not to wear the bow or necklace but thanked the girls again for buying everything. She felt a little overdressed compared to the other girls but their reason behind it was to make her stand out the most.

Jade had on a pink skirt that came past her knees a little and a white shirt with a Mickey hand on it with Disney writing that said Riot and Jade had rolled it up revealing a little stomach. Also, she had on white sneakers with thick soles that made her taller.

Perrie was wearing a black, front-zip, long line bra with a pink high low skirt. To match she had a silver peace sign necklace and a floral crown for her hair. She wore black flats to be the same height as the rest of the girls.

Leigh-Anne looked the most relaxed for the night but she said, "This is what I like to dance in!" She had on a black, front-zip, long line bra too but different cut and pattern than Perrie's. She also had on black pants that looked almost like sweatpants but more dressy. To match she added a little flair with a pair of cheetah print high heels.

In Christina's mind Jesy was the most beautiful. Jesy had bought a Batman long-sleeve dress that fit to her body perfectly. Jesy added edge to the dress by black, biker boots with a little heel.

All the girls looked incredible and couldn't wait to let loose for the night. Dancing is a stress reliever for anyone though.

"Let's take a picture!" Leigh-Anne said excited.

She pulled out her camera and the girls got as close as possible so no one's face would be cut out of the picture. Jesy was pressed against Christina which only made her smile a little more. After a few failed attempts the girls finally settled on a picture.

Leigh-Anne posted the picture onto Instagram and put the link on Twitter.

Now the girls were all off. The all settled in to the back of the black SUV that had been driving them around all day. The traffic was terrible and at quarter til eleven they were still five blocks away from the club.

"Dan?" Perrie asked.

"Yes Perrie?" he answered turning around.

"I think we can walk from here, okay?"

Dan, the driver, went to respond but Jade cut him off. "The club stops access at eleven fifteen and from the looks of this, we are not going to make it."

"We just want to take out Christina for a fun night, okay?" Leigh-Anne said already opening the door.

"Girls, just be safe! Please. I'll park close to the club and call me when you are ready to leave," Dan yelled even though all the girls were out of the car.

"I don't even want to know how bad my feet are going to hurt later," Christina said looking down at the heels she was wearing.

"I know girl," Leigh-Anne agreed as they walked.

The girls were keeping a fast pace but not too face because they didn't want Christina or Leigh-Anne to hurt themselves in their heels.

At eleven oh nine the girls walked up to club doors.

"Hey Ron!" Jade yelled to the bouncer.

"Hey girls! I was beginning to think you weren't coming tonight, but we still have your VIP room ready. And who is your friend?" Ron asked.

"This is Christina, practically a new member of Little Mix," Jesy said with a smile on her face.

Ron let the girls in and you could hear the people waiting in line start complaining. Christina imagined waiting there for hours just to have five girls come and walk in front of you. She imagined that it really did suck to still be waiting out there.

Once inside the club you could hear the fast pace music playing loudly. All the girls headed up to their usual VIP room that was only there just in case they wanted a little privacy from the people in the club.

Christina sat down immediately and kicked off the heels. She checked her feet for blisters and saw none.

"You okay Christina?" Leigh-Anne asked rubbing her feet.

"Yeah, fine."

The girls were ready to go out and dance but Christina wanted to sit for another minute or ten.

"Girls go ahead, I'm going to sit up here with Christina. Let her feet rest for a minute. We'll be down soon," Jesy said coming to Christina's rescue.

Leigh-Anne, Jade, and Perrie nodded leaving the room and heading down to the dance floor. Christina's face turned a little red at the fact she was once again alone with Jesy.

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