Your Forever Is All I Need (Kellin Quinn Fanfiction)

Hey my name is Kat Lawson. Yeah if you must know I am Jesse Lawson's Little sister. I am 25 and super close to Jesse. I haven't formally met the band due to the constant touring. Jesse came back home for a few weeks and asked me if I wanted to come on the warped tour with him and of course I said yes. He said I would help set up the stage since I used to do it when I had my own band back in High school.

Follow Kat Lawson as she goes on warped tour with her brother and his band. What will happen when she finds herself liking one of the members. Will her brother approve or will they have to sneak around with out getting caught.


3. We will continue this later that is if you are up for it


I woke up a few hours later to people laughing and singing. I looked at my phone and it said 10 so I figured that I should get up and get dressed. I was still dressed in the stuff I slept in last night so this is what I put on. 

I walked out and sat down next to Jesse and Kellin, both of them staring at me. 

"Since when did you have tattoos?" Jesse asked and kellin chuckled 

"Haha someones made that there little sister has tattoos" Kellin chanted over and over.

"Shut up I just didn't know she had them, good thing its only those" I laughed he was wrong I had more but they weren't visible irter shorts and took my shirt off. 

"Oh I have more but I would have to wear shorter shorts and take my shirt off for you too see them, and I got them a few months ago" Jesse stared at me in shock. 

"Close your mouth you are going to catch flies" The guys laughed. I smiled and looked at Kellin, why does he have to be so fucking gorgeous. The rest of the guys went back to talking and I just sat there and listened. 

"How long until we get to the venue?" I asked 

"Umm about 5 minutes" Jesse replied. I am glad I don't like the feeling of being confined for very long unless I have to. Five minutes passed and we started to unload the equipment and bring it to the stage. 

"Hey I will be right back I have to use the bathroom" And with that Jesse left. I went back to unloading the stuff. 

"Hey would you like to help me set up on stage while the other guys bring it to us?" Kellin was asking me to be alone with him. I obviously said yes, what girl wouldn't. I followed Kellin to the stage and we started setting up the speakers and all the things that had wires. 

"So how old are you Kat?"

"25 what about you mr. Quinn" He chuckled 

"Oh so we are doing nicknames?" I laughed and nodded

 "I suppose so but what is it to you ?" I asked and before I knew it he backed me up against the wall. We were chest to chest and I could feel his breath on my face. 

"Its everything to me Ms. Lawson " He lent down and kissed my neck making my breath hitch. I heard a bang causing both of us to jump back. Thank god that it was only Justin

"Hey be careful next time or you guys are bound to get caught" Justin yelled before leaving to get more stuff. I looked at Kellin and he laughed. I walked over to him grabbing his shirt to pull him close to me. 

"We will continue this later that is if you are up to sneaking around" I let go and walked away. 

"I am always up for risky things" I smiled and shook my head. Was I developing feeling for my brothers best friend?  


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