Your Forever Is All I Need (Kellin Quinn Fanfiction)

Hey my name is Kat Lawson. Yeah if you must know I am Jesse Lawson's Little sister. I am 25 and super close to Jesse. I haven't formally met the band due to the constant touring. Jesse came back home for a few weeks and asked me if I wanted to come on the warped tour with him and of course I said yes. He said I would help set up the stage since I used to do it when I had my own band back in High school.

Follow Kat Lawson as she goes on warped tour with her brother and his band. What will happen when she finds herself liking one of the members. Will her brother approve or will they have to sneak around with out getting caught.


4. No matter what happened in your past I still like you


"I am always up for risky things" I yelled walking back to the van to get more things. I saw justin talking but he stopped and smiled at me when I came over. 

"ohh someones got it bad for Jesse's sister" he whispered while walking past. I didn't have feelings for her did I? If I do I am not at all against it I mean look at her she is beautiful she is honest and she is all any guy could ask for. Yep its official I Kellin Quinn lead singer for Sleeping With Sirens have got it bad for Kat Lawson. 

"So what if I do, you are not going to tell Jesse I will talk to him when i know what is between us" I didn't mean to sound as harsh as I did I just didn't want Jesse to find out before I got the chance to talk to him. 

"Hey man I'm not gunna tell bro I got your back." I knew he was always there when you needed him. He always came through for me. 

"Thanks I knew I could trust you" I slapped his hand while walking back to the stage. There she was talking to Jesse. She was so beautiful, she makes me feel something that no other girl has done before. I have got to talk to her I need to see what can happen between us I need to make 'us' happen. 


"I am already having fun and the shows haven't even started yet" I beamed while talking to Jesse. 

"Yeah it feels like that before every show and just wait till after the show we go back to the bus and just chill, have some drinks and play games" He sounded like a girl at a slumber party. 

"Games?" I said skeptically 

"Yeah like truth or dare it funny because someone always ends up streaking and running into Pierce the Veils bus naked" I can not wait to see what happens after the show that sounds like a lot of fun and not to mention one of my favorite bands hangs out with my brother and his band mates all the time. This is going to be the best summer of my life I can feel it in my bones. 

"I am going to go check out PTV's stage kay?" Jesse nodded and I walked towards the other stage and then I saw the band. I am not the type to fan girl or anything because I know that they are normal just like me. I walked up on the stage and said hey. 

'Do you guys need any help or anything we finished setting up our stage just thought I would come over and see if you needed any help over here?" Vic looked at me confused. 

"I'm sorry but I don't know who you are?" Oh wow I feel really dumb now I didn't introduce myself

"Oh haha sorry my name is Kat Lawson, I Jesse Lawson's little sister" Vic nodded 

"Oh right yeah he was saying that you were coming with him and the boys to help out and stuff" When he finished talking Tony walked up and shook my hand and I almost melted. 

"Hey i'm Tony you must be Jesse's sister" I nodded and smiled i feel like an idiot but hey they are like my idols. 

"Yep thats me" 

"We are actually done setting up but you are welcomed to sit and have some drinks before we get started if you would like" Vic asked and I didn't decline I mean drinking with my favorite band. I sat down with the rest of the band and before Vic handed me a drink he paused. 

"Before I give you this I wanna make sure that you are legally allowed to have this" He was funny. I shook my head and laughed. 

"Its cool I am 25 " 

"Well I feel stupid" he laughed 

"don't I get asked that all the time" He nodded and we carried on talking. I asked them what it was like touring and not being able to have a lot of privacy due to the fans and they asked me what it was like living at home with my mom while my brother is out touring. 

"hey can I talk to you for a minute?" I looked over and saw Kellin. So I smiled and walked with him. We walked out behind a building that was used for bathrooms. 

"whats up?" I asked knowing exactly what he wanted to talk about. I leaned against the side of the building. 

"Well I wanted to tell you that I know I have only known you four a few hours but I feel like I have known you forever and well Kat I like you I really like you" I was dumb founded how could anyone like me of all people. 

"I don't think you understand no one and I mean no one like me I mean look at me, I am not the most attractive person that you have ever seen and plus who would like someone with a past like mine" I let a tear fall and he wiped it away with his thumb. 

"Hey don't say that about yourself you are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen and no matter what happened in your past I still like you and you know if you ever want to talk about what happened I am here. Kat there is something about you that makes me feel.................You make me feel whole and no one has ever made me feel like this before" That was the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me. I leaned up on my tip toes and kissed him, it didn't take long for him to kiss back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and then pulled away. 

"Kat would you do me the honor and allow me to make you mine?" I nodded my head yes and then kissed him again. 

"We can't let Jesse know about this until we know how long this is going to last" He nodded agreeing because if Jesse found out he wouldn't be the happiest brother in the world even if I had told him that I make my own decisions he is just really protective due to things that happened in my past. 

"you should go before we get caught and you go on in about twenty minutes" he nodded and peck me on the lips before running to the stage. I walked back to where PTV was sitting and sat down once again sipping on my drink. 

"What was that all about?" Jaime asked. I shook my head

"Nothing he just needed to ask me where I put his mic because they go on soon." They bought it. I said my goodbyes and walked to go watch my brother play. I have only ever seen them play live on youtube and thats not even live. They were really good. I wanna ask Jesse if I could maybe due a song with them sometime. i do a bit of screaming in some of the songs that I have written. 






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