Your Forever Is All I Need (Kellin Quinn Fanfiction)

Hey my name is Kat Lawson. Yeah if you must know I am Jesse Lawson's Little sister. I am 25 and super close to Jesse. I haven't formally met the band due to the constant touring. Jesse came back home for a few weeks and asked me if I wanted to come on the warped tour with him and of course I said yes. He said I would help set up the stage since I used to do it when I had my own band back in High school.

Follow Kat Lawson as she goes on warped tour with her brother and his band. What will happen when she finds herself liking one of the members. Will her brother approve or will they have to sneak around with out getting caught.


2. Meet The Band


"Hey do you know what time Jesse is supposed to get here?" Justin asked while sitting on the tour bus couch. 

"Nahh he is bringing his little sister on tour with us though she is going to be helping us set up the stage before every show" I knew Justing he had this mystery thing about him that made all the girls fall and then he would use them for a night and then make them leave in the morning. Don't get me wrong he is a great guy and stuff its just sometimes he doesn't treat a girl like they should be treated. 

"I hope she is hot ya know" I shook my head

"Dude thats Jesse's sister have a little respect" I laughed walking to my bunk to fall asleep.


We arrived at the lot 15 minutes later. I got out and unloaded my stuff which wasn't that much. I looked around and literally no one was waiting for us outside except for the driver. 

"I thought you said that the rest of the band was supposed to be meeting us here?" I looked at Jesse who was struggling with his suitcase and I walked up and picked it up and set it on the ground for him. So I work out you have to be strong in order to lift heavy equipment. 

"Yeah they are probably in the tour bus sleeping or something." I nodded walking into the bus to find some guy who looked about my age sitting on the couch. He smiled and I looked at the ground. 

"You must be Jesse's sister, I am Justing the bass player for the band the rest of the guys are sleeping" I shyly said hi and then Jesse came in and did the same thing. 

"Jesse man you didn't tell me your sister was hot" I glared at him 

"Jesse you didn't tell me that your bass player was a dick" They both laughed knowing that I was kidding. 

"No but in all seriousness that us my little sister so please don't try anything" I hit Jesse's arm. 

"I told you that I will make my own decisions" He got up and went towards the back of the bus. I am assuming that he was going to wake everyone up. 

"I like your style its pretty cool" Justin said looking to where Jesse had just went. I was wearing a red and black plaid button up shirt with a leather jacket over it I had my black leather purse and black ripped skinny jeans.

"Thanks" I blushed looking at the ground when three other guys walked out from behind the curtain with Jesse. 

"Kat this the rest of the band meet Gabe he plays drums, Jack he is the lead guitarist, and Kellin lead vocals" I had my eyes fixed on Kellin boy was he something else. 

"Hi i am Kat Jesse's sister" I blushed not removing eye contact with Kellin. 

"We know who you are Jesse hasn't stopped talking about you since he told us that you were coming with us" Kellin smiled and showed his perfectly white teeth. 


"I guess I should show you where you are going to be sleeping so we all can get some sleep" I nodded following my brother to the bunks. 

"you are going to be sleeping in the bunk that is below kellins and across from mine and Justin's" i smiled at the sound of his name. I haven't even talked to him for like 5 minutes but he was so cute that I couldn't stop thinking about him.

"Okay cool I think that I am going to lay down for a while I am a bit tire" Jesse nodded and told me that is probably what him and the rest of the guys are going to do. 







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