Your Forever Is All I Need (Kellin Quinn Fanfiction)

Hey my name is Kat Lawson. Yeah if you must know I am Jesse Lawson's Little sister. I am 25 and super close to Jesse. I haven't formally met the band due to the constant touring. Jesse came back home for a few weeks and asked me if I wanted to come on the warped tour with him and of course I said yes. He said I would help set up the stage since I used to do it when I had my own band back in High school.

Follow Kat Lawson as she goes on warped tour with her brother and his band. What will happen when she finds herself liking one of the members. Will her brother approve or will they have to sneak around with out getting caught.


1. I know you have been through alot


So I am the little sister of Jesse Lawson. He is the guitarist for the band Sleeping with Sirens. I am super close to him, but I have never formally met the band I have talked to them on the phone and things like that. Jesse asked me if I would like to come on the warped tour with him and help set up the stage and things. Some things you should know about me:

Name: Katherine Jade Lawson

Eye Color: Green

Hair color: Brown with blonde streaks

Height: 5'4 

Age: 25 

"Kat get up you are going to be late if you don't hurry" I groaned making my way out of my ever so comfortable bed. My mom always woke me up like that for as long as I can remember. I got up and straightened my hair and did my make up. I am really happy that  I am going on tour with my brother, it makes me miss when I was in a band. I was in a band when I was in high school. We were offered a record deal and then our bassist died and so we decided that it wouldn't be the same if we replaced him. I was the lead singer and my best friend was the bassist. I grabbed my bags that I had pack two nights in advanced and walked down the stairs. 

"Morning mum" My mom looked up from the paper and smiled. 

"Morning sweety, have fun on tour not too much partying please?" I chuckled at her comment. I liked to party but not all the time like she thought. I was more of a chill hang out and have a few drinks kind of girl then the parties where you didn't know anyone. 

"I won't I promise and I guarantee with Jesse there I am not going to be able to even look at a boy without him disapproving" Mom chuckled 

'you know he is just protective of his baby sister" I nodded when I heard a car horn. it was jesse waiting out side. 

"Well i better get going" Mom smiled and I hugged her before leaving. I threw my stuff in his car and got in the front seat. I smiled and Jesse shook his head and laughed. Typical Jesse laughs at the stupidest shit. 

"What are you laughing at?" He shook his head

"Nothing you just are not a morning person at all" i nodded of course I'm not a fucking morning person its 3 am. 

"not at all especially at this hour in the morning, why did I even have to get up at this hour anyway?" 

"because the tour bus leaves at 3:30 to get to the first venue" I nodded if I have to get up at this time every morning you can't just hope that I don't have a hangover in the morning. Jesse said that the boys would meet us at the lot where the tour busses for the bands were parked. I hoped they liked me, not a lot of people liked me in high school only because I listened to different music and dressed differently. I was bullied a lot. sometimes it got so bad that I would come home and cut my wrists. That was awhile ago I stopped cutting when Jesse came home from tour and found me laying in the bathtub unconscious bleeding really bad. Well to be completely honest I still cut here and there but not deep enough to hurt me. 

"Listen I don't want any funny business on the tour and by that I mean don't get involved with anyone please?" 

"Jesse I am 25 years old I will do what I want and besides you can't stop what's meant to happen as well as who says I will get involved with anyone?" I laughed he is so protective its not even funny. 

"I know I just don't want you  to get hurt I know that you have been through alot in your life and I don't want anyone to bring back those memories let alone have you relive them"

"Well I can't promise you anything" His hands tensed around the steering wheel and I smiled at the thought that I had successfully pissed him off.





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