Say Somethin' ?

Sammy Taylor is a 16 year old sophomore in high school. She has always been bullied, and she has been abused by all of her past boyfriends. She keeps the abusing a secret, just so there isn't more bullying to deal with. Austin Carter Mahone is the new kid in town and starts to go to her school, will Austin be like everyone else and join right on in on the bullying, or will he be different?


8. To Far?

Austin's POV-

I started to kiss down her neck, still rubbing her arm. She moaned.

"Austin...." She said.

"Yeah." I whispered in her neck.

"Don't go any farther than this..." She said laughing.

"Oh...why not?" I asked pouting.

"Cuz, we're in a car." She said laughing at me.

"Fine, whatevs." I said.

"We should go, your mom's probably waiting. And wait, I thought we didn't bring the car." She said.

"Oh, I had my friend bring it, the bikes are in the back." I said.

I moved away from her neck and started the car.

"When can we go farther..." I mumbled.

"When we are older, we have only known each other since yesterday, and we just started dating like a half and hour ago and we've already made out, and you've kissed my neck, and we've messed with eachother..." She said.

"That means we're already close." I said.

She laughed, "Whatever, we should go."

"Can we tonight...." I asked.

"Sure, but it's gotta be at my house where we know nobody will come in and disturb us, we know your mom will be home, but my parents, remember, never will be home." She said winking.

"Yeah, I know. But are you being serious, or do you want to wait?" I asked, I knew she might not be comfortable, this is only our second day knowing eachother.

"I don't really want to." She said.

"That's fine, i'm not goona pressure and hurry you into anything babe." I said, and it was true.


But I was wondering, when?


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