Say Somethin' ?

Sammy Taylor is a 16 year old sophomore in high school. She has always been bullied, and she has been abused by all of her past boyfriends. She keeps the abusing a secret, just so there isn't more bullying to deal with. Austin Carter Mahone is the new kid in town and starts to go to her school, will Austin be like everyone else and join right on in on the bullying, or will he be different?


5. Picking Her Up

Austin's POV-

I was all ready and went downstairs "Mom, I'm going to pick her up!" I yelled.

"Okay honey." She replied, yelling from the kitchen.

I grabbed my keys and hopped into my car, which, if you didn't know, is a red Range Rover, which is SICK!

I started driving when I realized I didn't know where she lived, so I got my phone out and texted her, I had texted myself from her phone earlier so I could have her number on my phone.

"Heyyyyy Sam its Austin, I never found out where you live???" I typed in on my iPhone and sent it.

She instantly read it and started typing and within a couple seconds I got an answer, "Oh, yeah sorry. It's 253 South Miami Street." She said.

"Alright. Be there in 10 minutes." I said and hung up.

When I got there she ran outside waving and smiling and locked her front door to her house. She looked so beautiful, she had changed clothes.

She was wearing a peach colors blouse with black skinny jeans and silver flats, gorgeous. Well, she looks gorgeous in everything I'm guessing, even though this is only the second thing I have seen her in.

When she got into the car and sat down I smiled and said, "Hey gorgeous."

She smiled, "Hey handsome."

"You ready to go meet my parents?" I asked.

"Sure." She replied.




Heyy you guys I'm Carsyn and i'm the author, im sorry for the super short chapter!! I have a soccer game and I have to leave and drive for like 45 mins to get there or something, and then I have a soccer game tomorrow, then Friday I don't, then I have tournaments all weekend, so I wont be able to update a lot, so I am goona update really long chapters on Friday, so yeah! Thank you guys sooo much for all the support! It means so much!! LOVE U SO MUCH!! Comment and tell me what u think and if there is something I should put in the book!! I want your ideas!!(: THANK U!! <3




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