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Sammy Taylor is a 16 year old sophomore in high school. She has always been bullied, and she has been abused by all of her past boyfriends. She keeps the abusing a secret, just so there isn't more bullying to deal with. Austin Carter Mahone is the new kid in town and starts to go to her school, will Austin be like everyone else and join right on in on the bullying, or will he be different?


7. Movies

Austin's POV-

When we got to the theater we realized the movie we wanted to see wasn't playing, but The Purge was, and that looks like the scariest movie they will probably have this year.

"Wanna see the Purge instead?" I asked looking at Sammy.

"Oh...sure...." She said.

"You sure? Cuz you don't sound sure." I asked worried.

"It's fine, it just looks REALLY creepy." She said.

I laughed and smiled at her, "That's why I'm goona be with you by your side the whole time."

"Alright." She said, we walked in to the theater.

The Movie-

The movie started and it was already creepy, I looked at Sam and she looked really scared, I took her hand and looked at her, I leaned to her ear and whispered, "You alright."

She turned her head slowly and nodded here head, but I could tell she wasn't.

I grabbed her hand and she intertwined her fingers with mine, I got a tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach, was I in love with her?


A couple of hours later the movie was over, and I think we were both scarred for life. That movie was so creepy and disturbing, Who would come up with such a disturbing idea??

When we got in the car we just decided to sit in it for a little bit and talk.

", what did you think of that movie?" I asked.

"I freaking hated it....scary as hell...." She said.

I laughed, "I agree on that one."

We just sat there in silence, awkwardly.

"So, uhm, who do you like?" She asked me.

"Well, I don't know if she feels the same way....he names Sam Taylor, and she's the coolest girl ever, but I don't know." I said, and I saw her blush.

"Well, I like a boy named Austin Mahone, and I guess he does like me." She said.

I smiled, "Would you go out with me Sam, please?"

She leaned in and kissed me, in the car, where if people were interested enough, could stand there and watch us.

We just sat there, kissing, well, I cant say that, more like a make-out session, because we have been making out for quite awhile now.

It was amazing, we sorta started playing with eachother, I put my hand on her arm and started rubbing slowing up and down, she put her hand on my cheek and started making a circular motion, I couldn't help going farther, I couldn't take it.

What we did next, would completely change our relationship forever.


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