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Sammy Taylor is a 16 year old sophomore in high school. She has always been bullied, and she has been abused by all of her past boyfriends. She keeps the abusing a secret, just so there isn't more bullying to deal with. Austin Carter Mahone is the new kid in town and starts to go to her school, will Austin be like everyone else and join right on in on the bullying, or will he be different?


6. Dinner

Sammy's POV-

Austin pulled up to what I guess is his drive way and got out.

We walked inside and the first thing I smelled was something REALLY good, something like cheesy and just really good.

"Hi, I'm Mrs.Mahone, but you can call me Michelle." Austin's mom said shaking my hand.

"Hi, I'm Sammy Taylor." I said shaking her hand back and smiling.

"It's nice to meet you, dinners ready, so you can sit down and begin to eat, and you can stay as long as you want hun, it's Friday." Michelle said.

"Thank you very much, and alright." I said, Austin took my hand and led me into the kitchen, he pulled out a chair for me to sit in then pushed it in when I sat down he pushed it in.

I noticed Michelle standing by the corner of the door, and when she noticed I saw her she quickly pulled away, I laughed.

"Alright kids, ready to eat?" She asked, she pulled something out of the oven.. A chicken, then something that looked like mushed up corn or something and it was mixed in with some type of bread with  cheese on top, that's where the amazing smell was coming from!!

"Uhm, what is that?" I asked pointing at the dish.

"Oh, it's Corn Casserole, it's really good, trust me, you'll love it." Austin said, which, after eating it, I actually did, it was the most amazing thing I had ever tasted!

See, all I usually eat is like a sandwich, or soup, or sometimes for holidays, I get an already cooked chicken from the supermarket, I don't know why I even celebrate holidays, I have nobody to celebrate it with, nobody, except myself.

"How was it?" Michelle asked.

"The most amazing thing I have EVER EATEN IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!" I said smiling.

"Awe thanks hun, but I bet it isn't." She said laughing.

"Actually....... it was......... I have never had a good chicken or anything like that..... I never get anything good to eat..." I said frowning.

"Well I-" She started saying but Austin cut her off, "Heyyy!! Let's change the subject 'aight?"

"Yeah....please." I said.

"Alright, is there something you need to tell me?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah, I need to tell you something later." Austin said. "Come on Sammy, wanna go for a walk or something?"

"Sure......" I said trailing off.

"Then we can watch a movie or something?" Austin asked.

"Alright sure, what movie?" I asked.

"Uhm, I dom't know, something scary?" He asked.

"Sure, you have any Paranormal Activity or anything?" I asked.

"Yeah, but we have both probably watched those a million times, wanna go see that new movie..uhmm...whats it called.. oh yeah, Come Out And Play?" He asked.

I thought about it, even the previews and it freaked me out... but I agreed anyway, "Alright."

"How about you guys ride bikes there? The theaters only about 10 minutes away, Austin, Sammy can use my bike? I never use it anyway." Michelle said,

"Yeah....alright....." Austin said, when she said something about her old bike, Austin's eyes sorta went misty and he just looked upset about something, I wonder if there were any memories about something.... another girl.......

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