Can't You See it Isn't Your Fault? (Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?) *COMPLETE*

Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me!! So read that one first!!

"You're so stupid! How could you let him do that? Now he doesn't remember anything! It's all your fault and now, you lost him forever!" I think this to myself everyday, numerous times. Niall always tries to talk to me and get me to get out of bed, but I won't. How could I? Everything is my fault.


23. Chapter Twenty Three

Zayn's P.O.V.

    "Zayn! Zayn! You have to get up now!" Niall yelled frantically. I threw a pillow at him. "Mate, John is driving to Cali to get Sam to break up with you! You have to fly home, now!" he yelled. I shot up. "What?" I said. "Get up! You have to go home and propose now! Or John will beat you there! He's already in New York, but he's driving the rest of the way! You can beat him if you fly the whole way! Get up and go now! Harry will fill in!" he said. I didn't bother to get clothes or anything. I grabbed pants and a shirt, my phone and wallet, and ran out the door. I got a taxi to the airport and got on the soonest flight to America. I had to get home soon.

    My heart was beating frantically as I got off the plane to get on my second flight that will take me the rest of the way. I ran onto the plane and waited until we were taking off.

    "Okay, passengers! Buckle your seat belts we are about to land in Atlanta!" the captain said. Wait. What? I'm supposed to be in LA! Not Georgia! Great. Just great. I got on the wrong flight. When the plane finally landed, I rushed to see when a flight to Cali is. In two hours! That will get John seriously close to beating me! I sat down and waited the long hours until it was finally time to board, this time I made sure I was on the correct plane. My heard wouldn't stop beating as I wondered how close to home John was. He isn't going to be in a good place if he beats me there. Actually, I'm already going to have a word with him just for trying.

    I FINALLY arrived where I should be. I got in the closest taxi and told him the address. About twenty minutes later, I was getting out of the John pulled up. He hadn't noticed me yet, so I ran to the door. I rang the doorbell millions of times until Ryan opened the door. She looked really confused. "Just tell Sam to come here. Fast!" I said. She knew something was up, and got Sam. "Zayn?" she said. "Just listen to me. I-" I was cut off. "Well. I see you heard where I was going." John said. "Great." I said under my breath. "I don't want to talk to you." Sam told John. "Ah, yes. But listen, Samantha. Zayn here, is-" I cut him off this time. "You shut your mouth! I will not let you ruin this for me! I'm not breaking up with her and that's final!" I yelled. He frowned and looked mad. By now, all the girls and Ben were in the door. I pulled Sam out on the porch. I pulled the small box with the ring from my pocket and bent down. "Sam, I've been with you for over two years now, and I really want it to change to forever. I love you so much. Will you marry me?"


Sam's P.O.V.

    I was sitting on the couch, when Ryan came running in and told me to go to the door quickly. I went and saw Zayn. "Zayn?" I said. What was he doing here? I was happy to see him, but he should be on tour. "Just listen to me. I-" he got cut off by John, his manager coming up to my porch. "Well I see you heard where I was going." he said to Zayn. "Great." Zayn muttered under his breath. I turned to John. "I don't want to talk to you." I said to John. "Ah, yes. But listen, Samantha. Zayn here is-" This time, Zayn cut him off. "You shut your mouth! I won't let you ruin this for me! I'm not breaking up with her and that's final!" he yelled. Ruin what? Why was Zayn being so weird about John talking to me anyways? Zayn pulled me out onto the porch in front of him. He grabbed something from his pocket and kneeled down. I now realized why he came here. Tears were spilling on my cheeks as he talked. "Sam, I've been with you for over two years now, and I really wan tit to change to forever. I love you so much. Will you marry me?" he said. I swallowed. "Yeah. Of course!" I said. He smiled bigger than I ever knew he could and stood up, pulling me to him. He smashed his lips against mine. He pulled away, but kept our foreheads together. "I love you. That's why I'm here. John was going to come, so I had to beat him here so he didn't get a chance to talk to you before I could." Zayn said. "I know. I love you too." I whispered. He kissed me again then slid the ring on my finger. He turned to John. "You can leave. Hope you enjoyed losing this war. But I would never let you win when it's Sam I'm fighting for. So don't even try again." he said. I grabbed his arm as John angrily stomped back to his car. I looked to the girls and Ben. They were smiling just as much as we were. They all hugged us and told us congratulations. We thanked them and went inside. "So, you didn't bring anything?" I asked Zayn. "There was no time at all. I barely made it if you couldn't tell." he said. I giggled. "I love you, Zayn." I said. "I love you too, Sam." he said and hugged me. "This was supposed to happen in a couple months, but then John came and so I had to do it today." he said. "So how did you even know he was coming?" I asked. "It's a very long story..." he said and began telling the story.


A/N: IT'S NOT OVER YET!! Just in case you were concerned it was... but I think it will end soon. BUT if you guys want... I could make this  a trilogy? Comment and let me know! I don't think I'll do four... but if I come up with TONS of ideas I will. I already know what I'll do with the next one if you guys want me to write it :) and if you REALLY want a fourth one, I might have an idea for it. So let me know if you want two more or one more after this one. Or if you think this should be the last one. I'll see who says what and we'll see ;) I'll let you know what I decide. ~Leah

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