Can't You See it Isn't Your Fault? (Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?) *COMPLETE*

Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me!! So read that one first!!

"You're so stupid! How could you let him do that? Now he doesn't remember anything! It's all your fault and now, you lost him forever!" I think this to myself everyday, numerous times. Niall always tries to talk to me and get me to get out of bed, but I won't. How could I? Everything is my fault.


24. Chapter Twenty Four

Zayn's P.O.V.

    "But Zayn, if it's for your career we could always-" I cut her off. "No, Sam. Like I said, I could care less what it's for. I have a fiancé now and I'm definatly not letting you go now." I said. She smiled and hugged me. "Who else knew about this?" Mollie asked. "All the boys. Plus Ben." I replied. "You knew?" Sam asked. Ben nodded. "I didn't know he was coming today the plan was supposed to be later, but now I know the story." Ben said. I nodded. "Well it's been a long day. We should go to bed." Sam said. "Okay, goodnight guys." I said and followed Sam to our room. We laid down and I pulled Sam close. "I slept horribly last night." I told her. "Me too." she said. I kissed her forehead. "How long are you staying?" she asked. "Until tomorrow afternoon." I replied sadly. She sighed and nodded. "I wish it was never and I was just home for good." I said. "Me too." she said as a single tear fell down her cheek. "Baby don't cry, okay? It will be over before you know. I promise." I said and wiped her tear. She nodded and I kissed her lips gently. She laid her head on my chest and we soon fell asleep.


Sam's P.O.V.

    We woke up the next morning and went downstairs to find everyone else. "Goodmorning. Zayn do I have to-" he stopped and looked at us. "I'll talk to you in a little bit." he said. I frowned. "It's not a secret, just don't want to upset you." Ben told me. I nodded and smiled weakly.

    We ate pancakes Ben made us and they were really good. He hasn't cooked in a while. I looked at the time and it was already one thirty. Time was going by so fast and Zayn was leaving soon. Someone's hands covered my eyes. "Stop looking at the clock." Zayn whispered in my ear. I turned and hugged him. "I can't. It's taunting me. Time is going by so fast..." I said. "Good. Then two months will be over before you know it." he said. I nodded and he kissed my forehead.

    The time has come for Zayn to leave. Ben is taking him to the airport. Zayn hugged everyone and came over to me. "Goodbye Mrs. Malik." he said and smirked. I smiled. "Call me. I love you." he said. "I love you too." I replied. He kissed me and then disappeared through the door. I sat down and looked at my ring. It made me feel better about him leaving. Maybe it's the fact that I'm for sure his now. It doesn't matter what it is about it, I'm just glad it makes me feel better.


A/N: Hope you like the chapter! I'll update tomorrow! ~Leah <3

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