Can't You See it Isn't Your Fault? (Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?) *COMPLETE*

Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me!! So read that one first!!

"You're so stupid! How could you let him do that? Now he doesn't remember anything! It's all your fault and now, you lost him forever!" I think this to myself everyday, numerous times. Niall always tries to talk to me and get me to get out of bed, but I won't. How could I? Everything is my fault.


16. Chapter Sixteen

Ryan's P.O.V.

    We eventually went to Nandos. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. All we did was talk and have a good time. I was really going to miss this. But unfortunately, the fun ended and we went home to go to bed. I pulled Mollie to the side on the way inside. "Get Sam, Brianna, and Brooke. We need to talk." I said and she nodded. I think she knew exactly why too. Brianna came over to me. "Hey. I heard we need to talk. When?" she asked. "After everyone is asleep, sneak out here. Tell Mollie, Brooke and Sam if you see them." I explained and she nodded. We finally got upstairs and separated to our rooms. Hopefully they all know...

    When Liam finally fell asleep, I slowly got up and tip-toed out of the room and found Sam and Mollie downstairs. "Hey. Any signs of Brooke or Brianna?" I asked. "I could hear Harry talking to Brianna, so she might be a while." Mollie said. I nodded and Brooke soon appeared. "Hey. Did you hear Harry talking to Brianna when you went by?" I asked. She shook her head. "Good. So maybe Harry is going to sleep." I said. We all sat on the couches and a few minutes later, Brianna joined us. "We have to talk about the tour." I said. "I know. We have to be strong for them." Mollie said.


Harry's P.O.V.

    I finally fell asleep but a few minutes later I woke up. I found out Brianna was missing. I slowly got up and opened the door, to see the light peeking under the bathroom door. She must be in there. I went back in my room to get some shorts before I went and got some water. When I was walking down the stairs, I heard talking. At the bottom, I peered around the corner. The girls were all in there. Why were they sneaking around? "We have to talk about the tour." Ryan said. "I know. We have to be strong for them." Mollie said. The pieces were finally falling in place. They're talking about missing us on tour. I ran silently back up the stairs and got Liam and Zayn to come, since they were the closet two doors and it probably wouldn't be very sneaky with five of us. "Ill explain later! Just shut up! They don't know we're here!" I whispered to them and we tiptoed down the stairs. "I don't want them to leave." Brianna said. I could hear the tears in her voice. I wanted to go hold her, but they didn't know we were listening. "I've been holding this in all days guys. I don't know how much longer I can." Sam said. Brianna hugged her. "You can cry. It's okay. We all can." Mollie said. That's when Sam lost it. She started bawling into her arms. Zayn started to walk around me to go to her but I grabbed him and shook my head. "She's crying! Look at her!" He protested. "I know but they don't know we're here remember?" I whispered. He sighed and went back to where he was. 

    A few minutes later they all had cried to each other and some what regained control. "Okay I'm going to go back to bed. Tomorrow is our last day with them and the last thing I want is to have a bad day." Brooke said. They all nodded and stood back up. I pushed Liam and Zayn and we ran to our rooms before the girls could see us. I pretended to be asleep when Brianna came in and laid down. She scooted close to me. She thought I was asleep and looked at me. "I love you. I really hope you don't forget me on your tour. I mean, I don't want you to think about me that much that you aren't focused on your career, but I don't know what I'll do if you did." She whispered. My heart broke. Why would she think I'd forget her? Ill talk to her tomorrow. Soon, we both fell deep into sleep.

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