Can't You See it Isn't Your Fault? (Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me?) *COMPLETE*

Sequel to Can't You See it Doesn't Matter to Me!! So read that one first!!

"You're so stupid! How could you let him do that? Now he doesn't remember anything! It's all your fault and now, you lost him forever!" I think this to myself everyday, numerous times. Niall always tries to talk to me and get me to get out of bed, but I won't. How could I? Everything is my fault.


15. Chapter Fifteen

Sams's P.O.V.

    Zayn and I decided to take a nap, as we were all tired. We got into bed and pulled the duvet around us, cuddling together. It didn't take long for us to fall sound asleep.

    I was woken by whispers around me. I didn't open my eyes so I could listen to what they were saying. "Aww. Look how cute they are!" I could make out Harry's voice. "Yeah, yeah. Just put the whip cream on their face already." I heard Louis say. "But they look so peaceful!" Harry protested. "And? That's the whole point!" Louis said. Harry laughed and you heard footsteps coming closer. But then, a third voice was heard. "What do you think you're doing?" Liam asked. "Um, nothing." Louis replied. "Well why is there whipped cream in your hand?" Ryan asked. "Uh, no reason. We were just going to get them a blanket." Louis said. "Yeah, sure." Ryan replied. "Louis. Harry. Get your butts out of there and leave them alone! Now!" Liam said. I tried really hard to hold in my smile and laugh. I could just imagine Liam's face right now. "Fine." Louis said and stomped out. I smiled when you knew they were gone. "Oops, spoke to soon." I thought to myself as I heard them sneak back in the room. Should I wake up before I get whip cream all over my face? Or should I scare them? Yeah, second choice defiantly. "Sam first." Louis said. "Fine." Harry said and they both came over next to me. I peeked a tiny little crack in my eyelids that way they wouldn't notice. When the time was right, I grabbed Louis's arm and sat up. "Don't even think about it." I said, making Zayn wake up. He took one look at us and burst into laughter. Louis and Harry's faces were priceless. Harry and Louis rolled their eyes and opened your door, to find Niall and Mollie. "What are you guys doing?" Mollie asked. "Tip for the day; if you're going to prank someone in their sleep, don't pick Sam." Harry said and Mollie and Niall peered through the door to look at us. They just laughed and followed Louis and Harry down the hall. Zayn turned to me and put his hand up for a high five. "That's my girl." he said and hugged me. I giggled and we got up to go see what everyone else was doing.


A/N: Sorry that's a really short chapter! I'll do more later!

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