It Started With a Whisper

I've been famous ever since I won the X- Factor in 2011. My name is Delilah Briggs and I Iive in London, and have ever since I was a kid. Rumors have started about me and a guy named Dan Howell, and I'm starting to have feelings for him. Am I really in love, or are the rumors getting to me?


1. Introduction

" And the winner is," Peter Dickson said in his cheery voice. Louis Walsh rested his hand on my shoulder to calm my trembling. He's almost like a father to me now, and I wanted to win to make him proud. I could care less about the fame and the money, I just wanted to make him proud. I looked around at the crowd. Their faces were intense. I looked over to the four girls on the other side of the stage. They all had teary faces and intense expressions. I look to Peter as he announced the winner, " Delilah Briggs!"

" Oh my gosh!" I screamed. Louis and I embraced and I turned to the other girls. They were still smiling. I ran up to the and hugged them all. I've become so close to the girls of Little Mix, and they were my best friends. After we pulled back, I couldn't help but hug Tulisa Contostalvos also.

Peter Dickson came up to me. " Would you like to say something to the people back home?" He tilted the microphone towards me.

" I wwould like to thank mmm mmmy two little brothers back home, Adam and Quinn. I llll llove you two sooooo much! Aa aaa aaaand ttthank you to all my friends and all the people who vvvv vvvoted for me," I chocked through tears.

I won, I thought, all this hard work I've done, all the times I was told I couldn't do it, and I won.

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