It Started With a Whisper

I've been famous ever since I won the X- Factor in 2011. My name is Delilah Briggs and I Iive in London, and have ever since I was a kid. Rumors have started about me and a guy named Dan Howell, and I'm starting to have feelings for him. Am I really in love, or are the rumors getting to me?


4. III

I wake up the next morning and instantly get up. I change into a bright pink mini dress and matching wedges. I grab a granola bar and head to my car. Once I'm in, I lock the doors and wait for Louis to call.

Almost immediately, Louis calls.

" Hello?" I say.

" I got everything set up, so you can come over now. Dan will be here in about seven minuets."

" Alright, I'll be there in five."

" Bye."

" Bye," I say. Louis hangs up the phone and I start driving.

Once I reach Louis's office, I rush in, avoiding the small amount of paparazzi swarmed around the building.

After I check in at the front desk, I race up the stairs until I reach conference room 8. I open the door and see Louis sitting at the head of the table on his phone.

" Hey, dad," I say with a laugh. He looks up from his phone and smiles.

" Hey, kiddo. Your " boyfriend" is going to be here soon."

" Hahahaha, your hilarious."

" Pop a squat, love," he says, nodding to the chair to his right. I walk over and sit down. " So, this rumor seems to spreading like wild fire."

" Worse. It's like the plague. Did you get a meeting with the people who created the tweet?"

" Yes. Right after your meeting with Dan."

" Good. Maybe we can get this all cleared up."

" I hope so," Louis says.

After about one minuet, there is a knock on the door and Louis says, " Come in!"

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