It Started With a Whisper

I've been famous ever since I won the X- Factor in 2011. My name is Delilah Briggs and I Iive in London, and have ever since I was a kid. Rumors have started about me and a guy named Dan Howell, and I'm starting to have feelings for him. Am I really in love, or are the rumors getting to me?


3. II

" Hello?" He says.

" Hi, this is Delilah."

" Oh my gosh, huh, hi," he says in a smooth voice.

" Hi. I have something to ask you and you had better tell the truth."

" Um, alright, what is it?"

" This rumor that's trending, about us dating, did you start that?"

" What rumor?"

" You haven't heard? Check the trending page and you'll see it."

" Ok hang on," he says. There's a long silence, until Dan interrupts, " whuh?"

" Yeah, that's what I said."

" I've never met you, I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan," What?!?!, " but I would never start a rumor like that."

" Okay. I'm sorry, I'm not making a very good first impression."

" It's alright. Hey, I'm getting another call, I gotta go, bye."

" Bye," I say, ending the call. Great, now I have a rumor being spread about me. And it's trending. I pull my straight, velvet red hair into a ponytail and lay down. I pull the covers up and fall asleep instantly.

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