It Started With a Whisper

I've been famous ever since I won the X- Factor in 2011. My name is Delilah Briggs and I Iive in London, and have ever since I was a kid. Rumors have started about me and a guy named Dan Howell, and I'm starting to have feelings for him. Am I really in love, or are the rumors getting to me?


2. I

" Delilah!"

" Delilah! Over here!"

" Over here!"

" Over here, hey! Smile for us!"

" Hey! Over here! Hey! Hey!"

I try my hardest to push my way through the large crowd of paparazzi. Once I reach my car, I lock the doors and start the car. Since none of the people will move, I blow the horn until they all back off. Once they're gone, I start driving until I reach my apartment and hurry inside.

Once I'm inside, I walk over to my computer to check Facebook and Twitter. Once I get on Twitter, I see something trending that I would have never imagined. The tweet read:

Singer song-writer Delilah Briggs announces long-term relationship with British internet star Dan Howell.

What! I am not dating Dan Howell! I barely even know who that is! I watched one of his videos and that was it. I pick up my phone and call Louis.

" Hello?"

" Have you heard what's trending about me on Twitter?!?!"

" No. What is it?"

" They said I announced my long-term relationship with that Youtube guy, Dan Howell."

" But, you're not dating Dan Howell."

" That's the thing! I don't even know the guy! I've never even met him and I've watched a whopping total of one video of his!"

" Is there anything I can do to help?"

" Get me a meeting with Dan Howell and created that tweet. But not at the same time."

" Okay. I'll call you once I've got everything ready."

" Thank you!"

" Bye."

" Bye," he says. I hang up the phone and sit back down at the computer. I scroll through the trending page and see that the rumor is everywhere. Great. That's all I need in my life is one more thing for the paparazzi to swarm around me for.

I turn off my computer and head into my room. I change into some pajamas and lay down on my large bed. I guess dating Dan Howell may not be too bad. I mean, he is cute, but I barely know him. I pull out my phone and find Dan Howell on Twitter. I send him a quick tweet:

Hey. Give me your number. we need to talk.

After a few minuets I get a tweet:

Ok, 555-6725 ( not Dan's actual number)

I punch in the number and call.

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