The Monster That I see

This is not your typical fanfic. I like writing dark stories and to be honest I'm tired of reading all the lovey dovey crap. This story is based on my imagination. I have an imagination that runs wild. So I ask you to join me on this journey but only if you can handle it!

Let me tell you about my life, the one I use to enjoy living. I was such a happy person. Now I'm bitter I don't really care what goes on in the world. I feel numb, sometimes I feel like dying would be a lot easier then living my life. My life is a living hell. All because of the one I love turned against me. He's no longer the sweet innocent boy I used to love in fact he's a monster. Join me as I tell you my story the real story of Niall Horan.


8. yours

I know the first few chapters are pretty boring but they're eventually gonna get instense. I'm just trying to lead up to the events. I don't wanna just jump onto them. So please be patient I promise it will be worth the wait. :] As much as I would like to forget the summer of 2011 I can't. It has so many memories. The boys were doing a world tour. They were just getting big. Everyone around the world knew who they were. They wanted to start their tour in the UK, where all their success came from. I don't blame them I would wanna start there too. * the summer* We arrived in the UK three days ago. I'm still getting use to the sudden changes. The times zones are so different here. I find myself tired all the time, but this night I can't take a nap like I usually do Niall says he has plans for us. I met the rest of one direction they're great guys. Louis is hilarious it's not just an act what you see is what you get. Liam is so kind he puts other's before himself. Zayn there isn't much to say about him. I mean he's nice and everything but he is so mysterious. I've already met Harry. When I saw him again it was like we knew eachother for years. He didn't hesitate to hug me. He made friendly banter with me, He's a great person. Other then Niall I'm closest to Harry. Louis, Zayn, and Liam all had plans with their girlfriends. Niall, Harry, Skyla, and I made plans of our own. We decided to stay in watch some movies and order a pizza. I watched as Skylae and Harry cuddle the whole time the movie was on. They make a good couple. She seems so happy with him. NIall and I don't cuddle we sit a few feet away from eachother. It's kinda awkward. After awhile I notice that Harry and Sky are sleeping. "Aww look how cute they are." I find myself saying out loud. NIall just looks at me. "Britt I wanna show you something." He says. "Uhh okay." I state. He stands up and hold his hand out. I wrap my small hand around his and he pulls me up. We make our way out the hotel room. He leads us down a long hallway. We come to a stop in front of a rather large stair case. "Where are we going?" I ask. "Up there." He points. NIall leads the way u the stairs and out of the door. Once he opens the door I gasp my mouth falls open. He brought me to the hotel roof. It lined with lights all over. There's hammock, and flowers all over the roof floor. "Did you do this?" I ask. He nodds his head. I take me hand out of his so that I can wrap my arms around him. "It's beautiful." I whisper. He pulls away he cups my cheek in his left hand and strokes it gently with his thumb. "Yes you are." He says. I watch as he slowly leans in without thinking I find myself leaning in as well. I watch as he licks his lips. We stop are lips barely seprated. "I never met anyone like you, I get this feeling when I'm around that I never felt." He whispered. I didn't say anything instead I placed my lips on his. I been waiting to do this. I feel him respond immediately. The kiss is soft and slow. It feels right Like Niall and I were made for one another. I feel his lips leave mine. He traces my bottom lip with his thumb. "I want you all to myself, I want you to be mine and no one else's." He whispers. He takes hold of my bottom lip with his teeth. I got to react to the kiss but he shakes his head. "Just leave you mouth open don't do anything until you feel my tongue." He says. "I nodd. He kept teasing my bottom lip slowly nipping at it and sucking lightly on it. I never felt this feeling before. Maybe him being two older than me explained why he had so much experience. Then I felt it his tongue swipe my bottom lip. I felt his smile against my lips. I placed my right hand on his cheek and closed my mouth around his. I did as he did and swipe my tongue across his bottom lip. I felt his lips part the same time mine did. He slips is tongue in and massaged his against mine. This feeling was all new to me. I never did anything like this. He was the first person to kiss me like this, and I liked it. After a very heated makeout. We finally pulled apart. He gestured for us to go lay on the hammock. He laid down first. I tried getting in but it didn't work so well it turned Niall fell out of it, hitting the floor with a thud. "Oh my I'm so sorry." I said but I couldn't hold it any longer I found myself laughing hyseterically. "Not funny Britt." He said and I instantly stopped laughing. "Just looks like you're gonna have to sleep on me." He stated. "Huh."I asked. "You heard me." He aid making his way over to me. He placed his hands on my waist. "Jump babe." He demanded. I did what I was told. He made his way back over to the hammock and laid us both time. This time it didn't twist and turn. I laid my head onto his chest and I felt sleep creeping in. Right before I was about to fall asleep. "Britt?" I heard him say. I open my eyes and looked up at him "Yes." I answered. "I meant everything said, you really do make me feel something I never felt before. I really do want you to be mine." He whispered. He was about to speak again but I cut him off with my lips meeting his no matter how many times I kiss him it would never get old. Everytime I felt the rush. "I'm your Niall, I'm yours." I whispered against his lips.
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