The Monster That I see

This is not your typical fanfic. I like writing dark stories and to be honest I'm tired of reading all the lovey dovey crap. This story is based on my imagination. I have an imagination that runs wild. So I ask you to join me on this journey but only if you can handle it!

Let me tell you about my life, the one I use to enjoy living. I was such a happy person. Now I'm bitter I don't really care what goes on in the world. I feel numb, sometimes I feel like dying would be a lot easier then living my life. My life is a living hell. All because of the one I love turned against me. He's no longer the sweet innocent boy I used to love in fact he's a monster. Join me as I tell you my story the real story of Niall Horan.


15. tell me something I don't know

How is it that my life turned to shit. I could remember meeting Niall and Harry it was the happiest day of my life. I had no idea it would come to this. I do not regret meeting Harry he became my bestfriend. I don't know what I would do without him, but as for Niall I wish he wasn't there that night. It's hard to look pass all the negative things. I just want him to go back to how he use to be. They caring and loving guy I fell in love with, but I know I'm asking for a lot. I was sitting in our room just letting the events that just happen replay in my head. Why is it that I never fight back, why am I still protecting him. Why should I care what other's think about him. If he doesn't have respect for me why should I respect him. When they say love is complicated it really is. if I would have known falling in love would have caused all this I would have never allowed myself to fall. What's the point of falling if no one is there to catch you. My thoughts were interrupted by a buzzing noise, I looked to my left and sure enough there was Niall's phone. Only this time it wasn't a message is was a call. I looked to see who was calling. I should have known before I even looked. I didn't hesitate to answer. "Hello." I said. "Hello where's Niall." The female voice asked. "I'm not sure he isn't here, may I ask whose calling so I could let him know." I stated already knowing who it was. "Oh yea this is Tegan, Niall and I were suppose to meet up." She said. "Oh Tegan who are you to Niall?" I questioned. "His girlfriend." She said. I fell silent. If she's his girlfriend then who am I. "I'm sorry who am I speaking to." She asked. I didn't answer I just hung up. So am I the one getting cheated on or is she. Did they ever really breakup. I had so many question. I just wanted to get far away from this life. I ran down the hall to Harry's room. By the time I reached the door I was already out of breath. I couldn't cry though. I felt like I wasted all my tears already. I didn't knock I just barged in. "Britt, what's going on. You're all pale." He asked. "I gotta get out of here." I stated. "What, why?" He questioned. "Niall is cheating on me, or he's cheating on her." I said. "Her?" He asked. "Tegan. we just got off the phone with eachother. Harry I have to get home. You said yourself I don't deserve this." I finished. "You're right you don't if you think going home is the right thing to do I won't stop you." He said while wrapping his arms around me. I buried my face in his chest and began to cry. Not because of Niall but because I'm going to miss Harry. "I know it's the right thing to do. Will you help me pack?" I said through my sobs. "Of course love, of course." He assured me. This was it I was really leaving. I was so ready to leave this life behind. I was so ready to say goodbye to Niall and al his stupid way. I will no longer have to live by his stupid rules or watch every little thing I do. I'm sure I will miss all the good times I had with him, but I know this isn't where I belong. I belong at home with my mother and my bestfriend Sky. Instead of folding my clothes nice and neat, we just threw them in the suitcases I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. Without Niall knowing, but I can never get lucky as soon as I zipped the last suitcase shut Niall walked in and much to my surprise he wasn't drunk. "Harry can you give us a minute?" He asked calmly. I was scared I didn't want Harry to leave, but then again I didn't want to get in the middle of them, so I nodded my head letting him know it was okay. I watched as Harry turned and made his way out of the room. "What is this Britt?" He questioned. "I'm going home Niall, I can't do this anymore." I stated. "Am I really that bad?" He asked. I nodded. "Tell me what I could do to make you wanna stay." He pleaded. "There is nothing you can do." I stated. "Is this about me being drunk all the time, is it because I'm always mad?" He asked searching for answers. To be honest it was none of that. I mean don't get me wrong I hate that he's the way he is but I was willing to put up with all of that, hell I have. "No Niall it's none of that." I said. "Then what is it, tell me what it is Brittney." He begged. "It's Tegan." I whispered. Niall fell silent, like he was shocked they I knew about her. "She means nothing to me." He tried to assure me. "Niall are you kidding me you've been meeting up with her, she just called saying she's your girlfriend." I stated. "I'll call her right now and tell her she's nothing to me. Just please don't leave me." He said while placing his hands on my shoulders. I didn't say anything I couldn't. "Britt tell me what I have to do. I'll get help if it means you won't leave me. I don't know what I would do without, I know I'm an asshole but you're my everything. I promise I will spend forever making it up to." He begged as he cried into my chest. I brought my hand up to his hair gliding my fingers through it. "You have one chance Niall, that's it after that I'm gone." I watched as he smiled, I wiped his tears off of his cheeks and pressed my lips to his.
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