The Monster That I see

This is not your typical fanfic. I like writing dark stories and to be honest I'm tired of reading all the lovey dovey crap. This story is based on my imagination. I have an imagination that runs wild. So I ask you to join me on this journey but only if you can handle it!

Let me tell you about my life, the one I use to enjoy living. I was such a happy person. Now I'm bitter I don't really care what goes on in the world. I feel numb, sometimes I feel like dying would be a lot easier then living my life. My life is a living hell. All because of the one I love turned against me. He's no longer the sweet innocent boy I used to love in fact he's a monster. Join me as I tell you my story the real story of Niall Horan.


12. learn the rules

It's been a few weeks since I started my new life with Niall. Everyday I find Harry asking me questions, like what's the real reason I stayed here. How come I never tell him the truth anymore. I know he knows something is up but I can't tell him can I? The rest of the boys are oblivious as to how Niall really acts. He still focuses on all the hate. To me it's become his new addiction. It's like the fuel to his fire. He hasn't put his hands on me since that night. He has promised me that he would never do it again, but regardless I'm still scared of him. He also promised me he would change. I don't believe him at all. He has done nothing to try and change. He still sneaks off to the pub every chance he gets. My mother and Sky have been trying to contact me, but I'm forced to ignore them. Niall says they can never know what goes on between us. My life is hell, I mostly just lay in bed all night after what happened a couple days ago. *flashback* Everyone was out except Harry and I. He's been feeling lonely ever since Skyla left so I suggested we bake a cake. After a while of begging he finally gave him. "Oh come on you know it will take your mind off of things for a bit." I stated. I heard him sigh and give in. We never got to bake our cake instead Harry thought it was cute to start a food fight. Both Harry and I were covered in cake mix. We were both laughing hysterically. We were too into our cake fight that we didn't even notice Niall standing there watching us. I walked up to the bowl of cake batter stuck my finger in it. Then I walked over to Harry and traced my finger down his nose. Our faces only centimeters apart from one another. I heard both of our breathing speed up as we looked into eachother's eyes. He grabbed my hands to hold me in place so I couldn't do anymore damage. Our gaze was broken when we heard someone clear their thought. We looked over to see who the noise came from. "I'm sorry am I interrupting something." Niall questioned with anger in his voice. I said the first thing that came to mind "it's not what it looks like. Harry was upset about Skyla leaving so I was helping him take his mind off of things." I finished. "I bet you were ya whore." He spat. I felt the oh so formilar tears sting my eyes. "She's telling you the truth Niall." Harry budded in. "If Harry says it true then I guess its true, sorry." He said while grabbing my wrist to lead me to our bedroom. I looked back at Harry and gave him a sympathetic look, he just shook his head. As we enter the room Niall forcefully pushed me on the bed. I watched as his body hovered over mine. "I told you Britt you're all mine. I don't want you and Harry to be close anymore and I'm definitely not leaving you two alone anymore." He snapped. I didn't say anything I remained silent. *end of flashback After that night Harry and I barely talk anymore. I keep telling him its nothing that I just wanna be left alone, but I know sooner or later he will figure it out. I know Harry isn't as dumb as everyone thinks he is. I just hope when he finds out, Niall is back to his old seldf that way I can deny everything, but I don't see that happening. I know this is how Niall really is. I can either except it or run from it. If I run I know he will find me. He's too processive to let me just walk away scott free. This is my life now I guess I should just learn how to live it and follow his rules
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