The Monster That I see

This is not your typical fanfic. I like writing dark stories and to be honest I'm tired of reading all the lovey dovey crap. This story is based on my imagination. I have an imagination that runs wild. So I ask you to join me on this journey but only if you can handle it!

Let me tell you about my life, the one I use to enjoy living. I was such a happy person. Now I'm bitter I don't really care what goes on in the world. I feel numb, sometimes I feel like dying would be a lot easier then living my life. My life is a living hell. All because of the one I love turned against me. He's no longer the sweet innocent boy I used to love in fact he's a monster. Join me as I tell you my story the real story of Niall Horan.


7. if only I had known

He promised me that this would be our summer. That this would be the best time of our lives. If I would have known that, that would of been the last time I seen my mother I would have told her so much more. I would have showed her that she was the best mom a daughter could ask for. I feel extremely gulity that I'm not allowed to see or contact her. I basically left her like my father did. I was all she had. I just had to fall in love with a boy that changed everything. *the summer* I had two days to pack. It only took me about two hours to do so. I was so eager to leave. I actually wanted to see more of the world. I had finally taken my mother's advice. I would be going to the UK. I always wanted to go there. I will be staying for three months. I'm so glad I get to experience this adventure with my bestfriend. A month ago, If you would have told me I was going on tour with one direction I would have told you that you were crazy. I still can't believe how fast everything had changed. Once again I didn't get to spend time with my mom, her work interfers with everything. I hate her job sometime, but if she don't work we would have nothing. I can't imagine being a single mother, it must be hard. My mother is a very strong women for raising me on her own. It so boring in my house I literally do nothing. I sit around eat and watch t.v until Niall has time to text me. I don't see Sky that much like I said once I knew she would get Harry's number she would go into hiding. I was starting to get annoyed at how bored I was so I decided to text Niall. To: Nialler Hey are you busy From: Nialler no i'm not you're a weirdo I was literally just texting you lol To:Nialler And that makes me weird how? I guess we just think alike From: Nialler it just does anyways change of plans Management wants us to leave early so I hope you're packed To: Nialler I am and how early is early? From: Nialler today like nowish To: Nialler okay i'm excited! I'll see ya when you get here I dialed Skyla's number I waited for her to pick up. "Hey did the Harry tell you we're leaving early? I question. "Yea he did actually he's here now." She stated. "Oh, so that means Niall should be here really soon then." I said. "Duh, oh yea I have something to tell you." Sky said. "I'm listening. "Harry and I are dating." She said. "That's great, but uhh I gotta go I have to get ready see ya in bit." I said while hanging up the phone. I'm not gonna lie I was a little mad that her and Harry were already dating they have been talking for about two weeks. Niall and I have been talking for a couple months now and he still hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. I tried to sound as happy as I could for my bestfriend but I don't think I was very convincing. I noticed a car pulling up into our drive way. I quickly ran to the window pulling back the curtains. I noticed it was my mother. I was happy that I would get to say goodbye face to face and not write her a letter. I watched my mom make her way inside. I couldn't help notice how tired she looked. I felt bad for her. "Hey mom, umm I'm leaving today management wants the boys to arrive a bit early." I told her. "That's fine just call me when you land." She stated. "I will." I assured her. "When is he coming to pick you up." She asked. Just then the doorbell rang "Now." I said. I rushed over to the door swinging it open. "HI." I said excitedly. He didn't say anything instead he pulled me into his arms. I instantly hugged him back. Is hugs are the greatest things in the world you feel so safe in his arms. We pulled apart. I led him inside. "Hell Niall." My mother said. "Hi miss Clark." Niall said back. "You take care of my daughter and bring her home safe." She said. "I will I promise." He assured her. I ran over to my mother and wrapped my arms around her. She kissed my cheek. "I love you mom." I said. "I love you too sweetie, I'm gonna miss you." She said with tears in her eyes. "I will miss you to, but it's only three months I'll be back before you know it." I stated. She just smiled. "Okay you kids get out of here go have fun." She said. I took one last look at my mother before making my way out of the house. "Bye. I said. "Bye Britt don't forget to call me." She reminded. "I won't." I answered. And with that I shut the door. I didn't know it then but when I shut that door. I was shutting the door to my previous life. I wasn't meant to look back. I was suppose to forget about everything and everyone, but no matter how much I tried I couldn't. I know alot of girls out there that would kill to be in my position but in all honesty I would kill to be in theirs. They think everything is perfect and it's just not. If I was given one wish it would be to go back in time, back to the night of the concert. If I would have known all this was gonna happen I would have never went.
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